Where Did These Questions Come From

  1. What is Kapok?
    That is the largest city on planet Ork where Mork came from.

2.   Where will you find a kernel?
Go to KFC and look inside of the bucket.

3.   If you didn’t know a door as a door, what would you call it?
An entrance and exit obstacle.

4.   What’s the difference between a yolk and a yoke?
A yoke is the center portion of an egg and a yolk is when two eggs are joined together.

5.   What does E R N I E do?
He hangs around with Bert most of the time.

6.   What is meant by sunny side up?
This is the act of pushing an invalid in their wheelchair up to the sunny side of the street.

7.   What could you wear on your head that would make people think you were awesome?
A woman’s panties.

8.   What is meant by cattywampus?
The best cat wins.

9.   What is an erf?
That is a mixed-up ref.

10. What is a mouse potato?
It is a couch potato with rodents.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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