China Doll

She checked into the Heartbreak Hotel and went to the jacuzzi to soak her porcelain skin.  After soaking for an hour, she made an appointment with the masseuse in the massage parlor to get buffed, as she wanted to get the shine back in her skin.  She wanted to look her best before shooting herself in the head and then diving off the balcony of her hotel room and being smashed into thousands of pieces.  The Grateful Dead song ‘China Doll’ was originally titled ‘The Suicide Song’ and this is not for the faint of heart.  The song was written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

She was a human being not a child’s toy and she fell on hard times due to the Covid-19 virus, but I really didn’t know all that much about her.  I can’t condemn her for her drastic actions and all I can do is offer sympathy to her family.  I sold her the pistol and I asked her what she needed it for, but she would not tell me a thing.  I heard the bells ringing up in heaven and then the Donovan song ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ began playing.  She knew that this was an unforgivable sin, so even with her head cracked open, but before she hit the ground, she begged her Creator to have mercy on her soul.

A pistol shot at five o’clock
The bells of heaven ring
Tell me what you done it for
No I won’t tell you a thing

Yesterday I begged you
Before I hit the ground
All I leave behind me
Is only what I found

If you can abide it
Let the hurdy gurdy play
Stranger ones have come by here
Before they flew away

I will not condemn you
Nor yet would I deny
I would ask the same of you
But failing, will not die

Take up your china doll
It’s only fractured
Just a little nervous from the fall

La la la la la la la

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt where we are supposed to use the words hotel and porcelain skin.

7 thoughts on “China Doll

  1. Funny, I just picked up a copy of “From the Mars Hotel” this past weekend. Does everyone who participates in the writing prompt use music themes, or is that just the angle you take?

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    1. I am probably the only one or just one the the few who often adds music to my writing. Some of the prompt challenges that I do participate in like Paula’s Thursday Inspiration, I always make it about music, but most of the others, I just like to add a song that goes with the prompt.

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      1. He was a blues singer in some ways although I don’t think of him like that. My all time favorite song he ever did was Sugaree…I don’t know why but I love the lyrics and his voice in vulnerable in it…

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      2. The lyrics for ‘Sugaree’ are confusing as I always assumed that it had something to do with candy or some type of sweet treat, but when I researched it, I found that it is about a pair of outlaws who are partners in crime and they are either involved as escaped slaves or as captured spies. It is pretty clear that Sugaree ran into some serious problem with the law, and there is a plea from someone close to her, most likely a male coconspirator who would appreciate not being dragged down with her. Sugaree was apprehended and she is being taken away in a cart as it seems that she has already been judged guilty of her crime and soon she will be executed while her partner is standing in the crowd watching the proceedings. The guy is terrified, so he asks her or rather begs her not to spill the beans and implicate him after she is taken away in the paddy wagon to be questioned. Besides being partners, they are also lovers and he would use like her ‘charms’ (shake it, shake it, shake your butt you sweet thing) and not give up any information on his whereabouts.

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      3. I always interpreted it as death coming to get someone so I was way off. The song is so catchy but it’s got a dark side…well your explanation makes sense now that I think of it. I would have never guessed that though…like I said I just thought it was about death…now the chorus makes sense.

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