Journey to the Center of the Earth

Fred pulled out a char for his date, he sat down and they looked at the menu.  “What is the soup of the Day?”, asked Fred.  His date Allison relied, “Minestrone is the soup du jour and I think that I will order that, as I love all of the vegetables in it.”  Fred said, “Well I am not getting that, because it probably contains onions and I don’t do onions.”  Allison said, “What is wrong with onions, you must have peculiar taste buds or a defective brain, as onions are yummy.”  Fred said, “If you eat any of those nasty onions, then don’t try kissing me, as that is not going to happen.”  Allison said, “You are right it won’t happen, and even if you were the last man left on Earth, I wouldn’t want to kiss you.  Man, oh man, it is so hard dating in this Covid-19 era.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is jour.

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