More Milk

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s minister maintains marriage must be between a man and a woman.  He says that sex can only be done for procreation thus making masturbation a mortal sin.  My magnificent mother made me make more meaningful melancholy music.  Michael masterfully matriculated majoring in modern mad magic.  Mathew manufactured maps, marking melting memories of metal meteors.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to start your post with the letter m.

16 thoughts on “More Milk

    1. thanks Melanie. I was in an airport waiting to board a plane when I saw this family playing this letter game. One person would start with the letter A and they would have to make a comprehensive sentence that consisted of only words that started with the letter A. Then the next person would go with B. It is a really fun game to pass the time and when I first started blogging here I had this game going here with about six regular participants, but I ended it when new people jumped in and just wrote nonsense.

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      1. Wash your mouth out with really icky soap! What makes you think I’m a bleeping Republican Trumpster? I was commenting that a Minneapolis anything would spout that marriage “has to be” between a man & woman and that masturbation is a sin (although I misread that bit and thought it said masturbation was illegal, you know, one of those archaic laws still on the books). Eeek! Me = GOP? I voted, and it was a straight-line protest vote FOR the dems. I don’t care if a candidate was the messiah himself, if s/he was in the GOP column s/he didn’t get my vote. If there was a democrat in the list for whatever office, even 3rd assistant dog catcher, that person got my vote.

        :::looks cross:::

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      2. It seems that I voted the same way as you did and I am hoping for the blue wave. When you mentioned law breakers in Minneapolis, I thought that you might be one of those law and order supporters of the orange dude. The minister’s views about marriage was just a way for me to group a lot of “m’s” together and it does not express my views at all.

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