Underwater King

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman lived with his father Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper in the town of Amnesty Bay Massachusetts.  Aquaman has the ability to breath underwater, swim incredibly fast and he is able to communicate with fish.  Aquaman’s mother is princess Atlanna who ran away from the lost continent of Atlantis to flee an arranged marriage.  Princess Atlanna was almost killed in a raging hurricane, but luckily her unconscious body was found by Tom Curry.  Tom took her in and nursed her body back to health and they fell in love and she became pregnant.  Atlantean soldiers sent by her father found her and dragged her back to Atlantis, almost killing Tom Curry in the process, she dies giving birth and the unwanted child that is abandoned on Mercy Reef.  Dolphins knowing that the child is the destined ruler of the seas, take him back to his father who brings him up on the surface world. 

Atlantis was a small continent with many human settlements till the Great Cataclysm took place, that caused it to be submerged into the sea.  The seismological cataclysm caused a series of earthquakes throughout Atlantis, but some Atlanteans were able to live underwater and they were the cousins of the humans that inhabited the surface world.  This species of amphibious humanoids inhabited the Earth’s oceans, and a handful of Atlanteans were able to traverse between the surface world where they could still breathe and still be able to live under the water.  One subset of Atlanteans turned into mermaid-like creatures, others became human-sized crustaceans, and the ones who were living in the deepest part of the ocean became very aggressive and rabid and averse to light. 

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #298 hosted by Michael – where we are working with the prompt underwater.

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      1. I don’t think so…no the cartoon…I remember it was Ted Knight doing the voice over…”Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice”

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  1. Fascinating as always Jim. I saw the other day a doco of some men trying to find evidence of the existence of Atlantis. Using Plato’s description they attempted to find evidence and did in several places which made it all the more interesting.
    Thanks once again for participating.

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