Desperate People Do Desperate Things

There is no telling how low he will go, and as the tide turns against him, I am certain that he will sink to new depts.  My only hope is that the day after election day everybody will be chanting, “Lock him up”.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “Desperate People Do Desperate Things

  1. I’m not angry anymore. His disgusting visage and snide, childish remarks just force me to turn him off. The whole world is watching to see the ultimate disaster befalling your country.
    Our borders are closed until at least the end of November now. There is a petition to keep it that way for US citizens, indefinitely.
    He doesn’t know how to be a leader.

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  2. He quipped the other day that, if he loses the election, he might leave the country. I guess he figures that living in Russia or North Korea would be better than being locked up in jail in the U.S.

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