Going Deep Today

How many people in real life or on social media (including WordPress, which has become a rather social media site) do you consider good enough friends to help you ‘hide the dead body?
I might be able to get a few of my old prison friends to help me out, but of course I would have to scratch their backs afterwards.  This is a frightening thought as these guys all have very hairy backs, which I would never want to scratch, so I guess I would be on my own here.

Are You Ready To Order?   What Are You Having (craving) right now?
A nice Italian dish.

How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods?
Can you read a weather map?

There has always been something. Before there was something, there was only nothing. Which do you think is more likely?
Billy Preston said nothing from nothing leaves nothing, which is arithmetic’s way of subtracting zero and we should leave it at that.  ‘Across the Universe’ came to John Lennon in a dream and then the words started flowing out like endless streams, so in this case it is possible that something came from nothing.  Lennon wanted everyone to imagine that above us there was only sky, but he was ignoring the multiverse where space goes on as far as we can see, in every direction and there is a lot more beyond our observable Universe.  Supposedly the Big Bang came from nothing, but some people feel that two nearby universes collided and caused our Big Bang, but I feel this is best summed up with Frank Sinatra’s favorite love song.

Written for Melanie’s sparksfromacombustiblemind’s Share Your World.

13 thoughts on “Going Deep Today

  1. Thanks Jim for Sharing Your World! Odd little bag of questions I gave out today, which you answered very well indeed! And I like that there might have been something from nothing, or nothing from something, or nothing at all. Did the Beatles know? I think only The Shadow Knows! Have a wonderful week! 😉

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  2. I don’t know, but I learn toward the belief that there was always something. But there are a few things I know for sure, like I DO know that I only like onions well-done to the point of caramelization or chopped up very tiny, otherwise I give them to my husband who will eat anything except coconut.

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