Blogging Insights # 51 – Blogging Etiquette

How long should the comment thread be? For example, if some blogger likes your post and says so, you thank them. Then they say that you’re welcome or it’s a pleasure, afterwards most shift to emojis or smiley faces. It can go on for quite some while. So I would really like to know what is the acceptable cutoff number.

I don’t do emojis or smiley faces, so as long as it seems like a reasonable conversation, I feel that it could go back and forth to virtually become an unlimited thread.

Reblogging etiquette; I reblog the responses to my prompt as I state in my prompt post. But if I want to reblog a post which I like or was moved by, should I ask them first? What is the accepted protocol for that?

The only posts that I have ever reblogged were my own, the ones that I write every other week for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenge and I do this to get more people involved with this challenge, which at the moment is doing very poor.  I really don’t understand why more people don’t participate in this and it frustrates me.  I did get mad at one blogger who copied my post, not a reblog that would send readers back to my site, just an outright copy, like they were passing it off as their own, although they did mention my name.  I told them to take down the post and I said that if they wanted to reblog my stuff, that they should ask first.  However, some others have reblogged my posts and I never said anything to them.

What should you do when people don’t respond to your comments on their posts? Should you stop commenting on their post or give them a reminder about your comment?

I have a WordPress issue where I only get a notification when somebody likes one of my comments on their posts and I have no idea if they make comments back.  I told the Happiness engineers about this and they never did anything about it, so when I get a notification that somebody liked one of my comments, I usually wait about 10 minutes before I go back to visit their site.  This is when I will find out if they made a comment back or not and if they didn’t respond I figure that they had nothing to say.  I make a lot of comments on other blogs and I am sure that I have missed many comments that were made about my comments, but life goes on and there ain’t much that I can do about it.

Award posts; These are the trickiest regarding etiquette, as most people don’t even acknowledge that they were nominated for that particular award. What should be the proper way to deal with this situation?

All of the award posts are stupid, but I usually do participate in them up to a point.  Even though I feel that they are a waste of time, I think that the very least you should do is to acknowledge the person that nominated you.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with blogging etiquette questions that were contributed by Sadje.

26 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 51 – Blogging Etiquette

  1. I do use emojis with people who use them.
    Carrying on comments after ‘you are welcome/my pleasure’ seems pointless unless some other point is also made.
    I do sometimes like comments of bloggers I know ( on others’ blogs) when what they have said resonates with me.
    But there are people who will like a whole bunch of my comments on different blogs but never care to visit my blog!
    Awards, to be honest, make no sense.

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    1. The thing I hate the most is when a blogger will like about 8 of my posts in a row and I know that they did this so fast that they could not have possibly have had time to read any of them. I think they do this just to see their picture at the bottom.

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  2. The Award ones are the ones I don’t like. I hate saying no to people who nominate me…I tell them…and it’s the truth…that if I accepted that other people would be upset because I turned them down.

    I have reblogged someone else’s post before…I do it rarely. As far as stealing…that has only happened one time. Another person told me about it. I didn’t say anything but I watched them in the future to make sure they didn’t do it again.
    Someone even posted on their site that it was mine because I published mine hours before him/her.

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    1. I would have never noticed that Paul, if you didn’t mention it. You have a lot of fans and it must be hard to keep up with all of them, so whatever works for you is probably the way to go.

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  3. I’m not sure the comments r that important. Social media & all the commenting can make us feel frustrated at times… but zero comments are probably not so fun as well. I don’t know, depends on your goals: to share the material or to talk to ppl… :))

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  4. Interesting answers Jim! I have two thoughts:
    First for the MindLovesMiseryMenagerie Music challenge (every other Friday isn’t it?) I’d participate more IF I understood the rules a bit better. I think (you’ll see why I’m confused) that one is to listen to the artist who is chosen and do something with the lyrics to the song that’s chosen? I can be dim-witted at times, so don’t blame yourself. Maybe just post the rules at the top of that challenge for those of us just tuning in? I don’t know. I think it sounds like a fun challenge, I just don’t often do it because I don’t understand it well.

    Second: The comment might have an option on it for notifications. I’m not sure if everyone gets that kind of option automatically, or if a blogger has to choose it to appear on their comments’ section. You can be notified via email when the blogger responds or someone makes a comment ‘back’ as I understand things.

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    1. There really are no rules on the MM Music Challenge. It is very loose, so pretty much whatever you come up with will be acceptable. I always throw some ideas out there for everyone and if they seem right, then go with it. You could write a short story, a piece of flash fiction, a poem, or go with a song that you like. I only get notifications back if somebody likes my comments on their post and since WordPress refuses to help me with this, I just have to deal with it.


  5. I agree that going back and forth in the comments section could potentially become an unlimited thread. So it’s a good idea to tailor it to the individual case, prolonging the discussion only when there is a point to be discussed.

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  6. My view of a public blog post is that it is no different than an article in a magazine. It is fair to refer other people to it and fair to review it. I would never do so if the review wasn’t favorable.

    My thinking is that you should always ping back to the original blog. Sometimes the pingback feature doesn’t happen and I don’t know why, so I comment on the original post that they’ve been shared. I will happily pull the share if they request but it has never happened. Usually I get a “thank you.” I believe the share button can be removed in the setup, so if it is there I treat it as permission to click it.

    I’ll usually say, “This is a great blog post and you should read it!” Then I may post some thoughts of my own, maybe a picture, and a short excerpt and a prominent link. Lately when I have hit the “share” button, it brings up a blank page, so sharing has become moot.

    I don’t think there should be a limit on comments unless someone gets abusive. I wish I could get one of those discussions-without-end going. They are proof that the blogger is liked and the post was thought provoking. Many of the replies are as interesting as regular blog posts.

    I always “like” the comments on my blog. More substantive responses usually get a response from me. Lately I have spent more time commenting on other blogs than I do writing my own.

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