Blame it on the Browser

I contacted the WordPress Happiness Engineers today, but my issue got lost in the sauce of deflecting the problem.  My Gravatar just stopped appearing when I hit the Like button on other bloggers posts and I was not happy about this, so I contacted them to help me out.  Their motto is: We care about your happiness!  They don’t call us Happiness Engineers for nothing.  If you need help, we’re here for you!

I went to and it knew who I was, so I scrolled down and clicked on the Chat with us button at the bottom of the page.  The person asked if it was OK for them to log into my account and clock the Like button on a post, and I told them that was fine.  They were able to get my Gravatar to appear next to the like button and they said, “I’d recommend trying the browser troubleshooting tips in this guide:, which is what they always do.  Nothing got fixed and even if I ate a Happy Meal right now, I would not be loving it, as I have lost that loving feeling and I don’t believe in Happiness Engineers.

23 thoughts on “Blame it on the Browser

  1. I spent many years working help desk. I’ve learned the most important objective is to tell customers that buying something new will solve the problem. Failing that convince them there is no problem. Failing that convince them it is their equipment/software that’s the problem.

    When I started working in the industry there were many problems to be fixed and I fixed them. When I left the industry there were just as many problems but we weren’t allowed to fix them. “Not supported” became the mantra.

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  2. I have some I’ve followed not showing up in my reader every day. They gave me so BS answer that I’ve seen before in my business. I’m going to hit them up again tomorrow.

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      1. The same with you…they gave me an IT run around…If anyone knows about them I do…they tried to give me a work around but I don’t want that…I want it fixed.

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    1. I do the same thing with two different tabs open, one that I use to switch between comments and posts and the other tab I use for my Reader. I was able to fix this problem when I went to make a comment on one of Fandango’s posts, as it didn’t recognize me and I had to log in again, and then it was fine.

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  3. Before I was doing my music blog here, I had a website which was similar and run through GoDaddy… I had a number of problems there and found I’d have about 50/50% success if I called them up for help, but would ALWAYS wait a long while to get through. I am on the free plan at WordPress, so I don’t complain about minor issues though they can be annoying, but if I was on one of the paid plans, I’d be annoyed when things like that happen.
    I’ve had some subs at Subway that weren’t very artistic too, I might add (“sandwich artists”)

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    1. I pay $99 a year, but I use it enough, so I am getting my money’s worth. It is annoying that when one so called expert can’t fix your issue, that they don’t have somebody else there to take over who can fix everything.

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