They Love Each Other

Trees can fall in love with other trees or anything else that is living, as any soul can have emotions for any other soul irrespective of their body types.  It has been proven that plants will grow faster in an environment with pleasant music around and their growth is retarded when they are in a noisy or harsh sound, thus they are sensitive to pain and affection.  Plants have the ability to recognize their environment and to react to it, which makes them capable of falling in love.  Trees can communicate their love and this can be seen in their intertwining root systems where they obtain their nourishment by cooperating with a nearby neighbor, so they can both acquire needed resources to sustain their lives.  Trees like to stand close together and cuddle, enjoying each other’s company forming bonds and looking out for each other.  Trees are survivors, they are able to weather ferocious storms, and come out stronger for it.  Trees need friends just like everyone else and between every two trees, there is a doorway to love.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #87.

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