Unprecedented Loyalty

I see Trump supporters as being part of a cult, because they will listen to and follow everything that he says or does, never wavering because they think he is what is best for America.  They will willingly fall on their swords to their deaths for their leader, thinking this is the patriotic thing to do.  Trump has divided this country so much that it may never recover and he has become the most “like him” or “hate him” guy in my time.  I chose to hate him and I see him as a cancer that must be cut out, he has created a mercer like infection in this country that may never heal.  I am dumbfounded because other people don’t see him the way I do. These mindless followers look at him through their rose-colored glasses while he only cares for himself.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Dumbfounded.

17 thoughts on “Unprecedented Loyalty

  1. I don’t get the slavish devotion to him. People who used to be balanced and logical thinkers have fallen in his abyss. They defend every idiotic thing he says. I know one guy who admits that Trump completely botched the pandemic response, but this guy used to be a Democrat lol

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