Republicans Being Called the Stupid Party

It keeps getting dumb and dumber as Republicans continue to embrace the anti-intellectual label, and some Republicans are saying that their party will pay price for the stupid approach they have taken toward handling the pandemic.  Don’t even get me started on the Trump supporters that believe in QAnon.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Republicans Being Called the Stupid Party

  1. As a registered Democrat who has already voted for Trump (mail-in ballot), Democrats who vote for Biden after hearing about Hunter are the ones who are stupid. Of course, if they only listen to the fake news they probably don’t know who Hunter even is.

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    1. I don’t know all that much about Hunter Biden other than he had a drug problem, which I heard he finally kicked, but many Americans have had problems with drugs and this should not have anything to do with his dad.


      1. What is more important than Hunter’s former drug problem is the current financial connections the Bidens have, through Hunter, with the Chinese Communist Party. Given these connections Joe Biden is not able (even if he still had the energy) to defend America against the CCP.

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  2. Nobody who pays attention to “QAnon” is worthy of my attention. Never encurage bad behavior – or stunning levels of credulity and stupididty – by engaging them. It is like engaging with a troll.

    And yes I know people who insist they have to answer the absurd claims issued by these trolls for fear someone will accept them. To which I reply, anyone who is stupid enough to fall for this cr@p is already beyond help.

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