OK For Beginners

Blog awards do make beginner bloggers feel better, but after you have been around the block a few times, you realize that they serve no purpose other than spreading spam.  If I wasn’t so lazy, I would make my blog an award free blog, because I don’t want to receive any more nominations, answer any more stupid questions and have to nominate anyone else.  It becomes a chain mail situation of spam after a while, so I refuse to nominate others.  So far, I have not refused an award, but I have stopped nominating others, because I don’t like to put a burden on anyone.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #90 which asks, “How do you feel of blog awards? Why do you feel that way?”

16 thoughts on “OK For Beginners

  1. I think for new bloggers, they inspire them to continue on. To know someone is reading what you write can help you forge onward. I prefer comments from readers. The engagement with others is a huge part of the blogging experience.

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  2. I have never turned on down per se, and I will typically answer the asked questions, but I don’t nominate other bloggers, nor do I pose new questions. And I have designated my blog to be an award-free blog. But I still receive nominations.

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