Studying Rocks

Jim said, “I hate studying, why would you say that Melanie?”  Melanie said, “I agree with you Jim, as I also hate to study and I was talking about Geology, were we get to learn about rocks.  Rocks are the windows to the universe and you know how I am interested in religion and since St. Peter was called the rock upon which Christ would build His church, that makes petrology a very important subject to me.”  Jim said, “Now I am lost, as I thought you were talking about rocks and now you mentioned pets and I know you love your dogs, so what is it, do you like studying, or is it rocks, or pets?”  Melanie said, “I like rocks and pets, but petrology is the branch of science concerned with the origin, small-scale structure, and composition of rocks.”

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Study.

10 thoughts on “Studying Rocks

  1. You credit me with far too much ‘brain’ Sir Jim. But thanks (I loved the post btw!!). And oddly enough (perhaps coincidence) I have a small(ish) collection OF rocks. Polished stones (onxy and others), a couple of geodes (from a friend who brought them back from Idaho, some petrified wood and others. Rocks bring me peace in a sense. Ohmmmmmm…

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