Cloning of the Masses

It was a shithole out in the middle of nowhere, but this was the place where the first obedient citizens were being produced.  If this experiment was a success, it would mean that life could be lived without pain, and there would be no more crime.  Trump knew that he had to fulfill his promise to make America great again and instill a plan to ensure law and order after he won his second term, so he devised a scheme to have the Secret Service round up all of the bloggers that spoke out against him.  The most offensive bloggers made up the first group and they were all taken to this row of dilapidated attached homes where the experiment would commence.  They were all given mood stabilizers before the genetic engineering compliance cocktail was injected into their systems.  Trump was trying to make a paradise, but it just produced more hatred.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #86.

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    1. I read that Boris Johnson promised to use the pandemic as a “trigger” for change, including turning “Generation Rent into Generation Buy” and he is looking to fix the housing crisis with lower thresholds to mortgages.


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