Orange is the New Trump

Neil Young acquired a 1953 Gibson Les Paul which he used when he was in Buffalo Springfield, he named it Old Black and he has been playing this same guitar for almost 50 years.  Johnny Cash was called the man in black and Three Dog night had a big hit with Black and White.  Everything is not a black and white situation and you can’t go around painting everything black, but Black Lives Matter is an important issue. 

My dad was a TV repairman and I have always had a TV set in every home that I lived in.  I remember when everything was in black and white and then when I was 5, we got our first color TV set.  Most of the programs were still in black and white and only a half a dozen shows were in color at that time, but commercials came out in color.  Think of how cool it looked when Dorothy landed in OZ and everything turned from black and white to color, that scene made the movie come alive.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “new/old”.

9 thoughts on “Orange is the New Trump

  1. My apologies to anyone who reads this post, as I wrote the first line last night as a new/old thing, but when I woke up this morning, my mind switched into a black/white pattern for some unknown reason.


  2. A lot of the movies I like are in black and white. When they started to colorize everything…some of them worked…some to me didn’t. Some movies and TV shows should be in b/w like The Twilight Zone would not be the same in color… Some it worked perfectly like the first couple of seasons of Bewitched.
    It’s a Wonderful Life I still like in black and white…but I do agree about The Wizard of Oz.

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  3. One of my earliest memories of watching black & white TV. It made me laugh back then in the very early 60s and still does to this day. “Weeeeeed! Weee-eeed!”

    Most of the early TV presenters spoke in that posh and very British accent.

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