Records on the Wall

Joe Walsh placed his gold records on the wall in an office that he never went to.  He owned a mansion and a Maserati, but the reason that he couldn’t drive it was because he lost his wallet and that is where he kept his driver’s license.  Walsh was in the James Gang and the record ‘Stop’ from their first album Yer’ Album caught the attention of Pete Townshend from the FM air play that it received, so he took them under his wing inviting Joe and the James Gang to join the Who on tour.  Joe met Keith Moon and Keith decided that he liked Joe, so they began to hang together and trash hotel rooms.  Joe felt that Keith had made up his mind that he was going to take everything as far as it would go and he actually wielded a chain saw to tear down the walls.

Joe hit rock bottom and his life was hanging by a thread, as he turned into a full-blown alcoholic and cocaine-crazy person.  He burned all the bridges and nobody wanted to work with him and he was happy when he finally hit bottom, because he realized that he is not immortal.  He was able to change his lifestyle before he OD’d and died.  It is not easy living your life in the fast lane and Joe had major bouts with alcohol and drugs, but he’s been sober for over twenty-five years now.

Written for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Record Hang Thread.

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      1. Yea his brother in law is something else. I saw Ringo in 2012 on his birthday…he brought Joe out and played Rocky Mountain Way.

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