Rookie Errors

When I first started blogging, I was Rollin’ and Tumblin’ with no clear direction of what I wanted to write about.  I wrote very long posts that had no pictures, where I concentrated on being informative, and educational and this made them very boring.  I wrote my first nine posts before I discovered the Daily Post hosted by Michelle Weber, which was the only prompt writing challenge around back then and because I had no followers, they did not do very well.  I got my first comment and like on my third post by a blogger known as baddadcartoons101 who is no longer here, but that made me happy, so I kept with it, because I enjoyed writing.  I wrote 20 posts that got no Likes at all and of these very early posts, three of them obtained no Likes and no Comments and two of these posts (Two Basic Types of Tears, and Teach Your Children) are not all that bad, but they never got noticed by anyone.  The other one (A day without you) is not very special, but besides getting no Likes and no Comments, it only received 4 Views.

Being a newbie, I was lucky to find help from a guy named Sight, or Journey (I never got his real name even though we exchanged many emails) and he helped me to improve the appearance of my blog by telling me to organize my posts into Categories and Tags.  I took his advice and went back and edited my first 224 posts to make sure that they all had Categories and Tags.  Through Sight, I met a blogger named Fandango who I consider to be a good friend and he told me that the ideal blog post should not exceed 500 words.  Sight got sick and he disappeared and then he resurfaced several times and disappeared again, but he is a caring person and I owe him a lot.

Written for Blogging Insights – Early Mistakes where Dr. Tanya asks, “What mistakes did you make in the first few months of blogging?”

6 thoughts on “Rookie Errors

  1. I went 6 months before a single like. Only had around 3 views a month…then I was reblogged by someone and it started to roll. I then added my index on my main page…and then I got a lot of readers.

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      1. Oh cool… I have found some people by comment…I see them comment and like them and click and see what they are like.
        Hanspostcard is the one that reblogged me and she follows him so that is how I came to her.

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