Dr. Tanya Wants to Know

How important is your blog traffic to you?

I write for my own satisfaction, but having people look at my writing is very important to me, as it brings me some satisfaction and makes me content when people click on the Like button or leave me Comments.  I am going to write anyways, even if nobody reads my stuff, or bothers to hit the Like button, or leaves me a compliment on what I write, but knowing that someone visited my site makes me feel better.

How often do you check your stats?

I probably should do this more often, but I would say that on an average, I check my stats about once a month.  This is my 2,567th post since I started writing here on WordPress and my All-Time stats say that I have gotten 139,695 views in the period since I published my first post on April 23, 2017.   My site received the most Views on November 17, 2019 where 453 people stopped by.  This is my first post today, but my stats say that I have already received 77 Views today.  From November 2019 through August 2020, I have received over 5,000 Views every month, although it looks like I may fall a bit short this month, as I only have 3,889 Views for September so far, even though I had 338 Views yesterday.  I am on a site titled A Unique Title For Me, my user name is newepicauthor and my tagline is “Hoping to make the world more beautiful”.  I have the Premium plan which I pay $99 a year for, and this prevents WordPress from adding commercials to my posts.  I currently have 1,197 followers.

Which part of your blog traffic, the views, likes, comments, or follows, is important for you personally?  Which of these do you think is most important for your blog?

I feel that Followers is a useless statistic, as I am more interested in Readers than Followers, but logging a View does not say that this person read my post.  The only way to tell that someone opened up my post is by Likes and or Comments and out of these two statistics, I feel that Comments tell you better who read your post, so this is the most important statistic to me, even if they are just a smiley face emoji.  I wish WordPress made it easier to check which of my posts got the most overall Views, Likes and Comments, but you can’t do that without a plugin, or upgrading to the Business plan, or writing in some complicated code.

Written for Blogging Insights # 47 – Traffic & Stats.

21 thoughts on “Dr. Tanya Wants to Know

  1. The most important to me are views…and the reason is because a lot of people who don’t subscribe to WordPress look at the posts from google searches…I get a lot of traffic from google searches of songs. They can’t like or comment without subscribing to WP.

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      1. Well some you can…in your stats page you have “referrers” and you will see if someone came to your page from WP reader, Reddit, Facebook, or other places.
        Someone a couple of years ago posted a link to a I Love Lucy post I had on Reddit…my stats blew up…I had around 2000 in two days.
        I never had that again.

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  2. I guess I really just write for myself and a small number of others when it comes down to it. There’s a small core of other bloggers I interact with and who comment on my posts, but I only recently reached 100 followers after starting my blog a couple of years ago. I do appreciate comments, and I respond to most of them, but if I’m not receiving many views/comments then I take it my content isn’t very interesting. But that’s o.k. Writing is therapeutic for me either way.

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    1. I like your writing Stephen and I see that many of the other bloggers that like your writing and make comments on your posts are the same ones that make them on mine, so we are in the same core. I write about many things that are not music related, although that is my favorite topic to blog about, so we are sort of in different circles. I also find writing to be therapeutic.


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