Temptation Inspiration Overstimulation Normalization

I was tempted to Google “find words that end with the letters tion”, but that would not be a Stream of Consciousness writing piece, and it would also take all the fun out of this, so I will wing it and see how it comes out.  You say that you want a revolution and you want to change the Constitution, well the Beatles tried that and failed in their attempt.  I am feeling a lot of aggravation over what I heard Mitch McConnell say this morning about rushing a new appointee to the Supreme Court.  I am not going to have a conniption over this, but this would clearly be a disruption of justice.  I guess I could write a Billy Joel type poem where I state a bunch of words that end with the letters “tion”, like addition, substitution, tuition and so on and then state that I didn’t start the fire, but that won’t give me any satisfaction.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to find words that end with the letters “tion”.

6 thoughts on “Temptation Inspiration Overstimulation Normalization

      1. I’m sad too. Given the election year, getting a ham sandwich through the Senate is unlikely. You can campaign. Or you can attend hearings. Can’t do both. How Senators respond will impact their reelection chances in battleground states. They’ve got until Jan. 3 when the next Senate is formed.

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