Woah Jim, you can’t say that, as people might think that you are talking about a nickname for the human female genital body part.
Got it, as I never want to hurt anyone, make them upset, or get them angry, I just want to write a poem, but I am not sure how to start.
Where is the latch?
I need a patch.
Cookies by the batch.
What a catch.
Wearing shades to match.
It should hatch.
What the hell is a thatch?

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Rhyme Time hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she has come up with 6 rhyming words that she would like us to use, batch, catch, hatch, match, patch, and thatch.

7 thoughts on “Snatch

  1. A fun one! I had a chuckle.
    It’s like how you can’t talk about dik diks without people smirking. What’s that all about?
    ~cie from animal anarchy~

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