Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

I guess in some small way, I have become a better person because of the pandemic, as it has taught me to be more understanding and more patient.  I always hated waiting for appointments, doctor, dentist or whatever and when I would show up at the scheduled time, they always made me wait.  They seemed to like to jam as many people as possible in the waiting rooms which was, I guess so they could make as much money as possible, but when Covid-19 hit, everything changed.  Now they asked you to wait in your car and call or text them that you arrived.  I like this much better than sitting in the waiting room, and when I had my eye doctor follow up visit after my cataract surgery this morning, I called and they told me to come right in.

Patients is a virtue, because being tolerant enough to hang in there without getting angry causes less stress and as they say, all good things come to those who wait.  The pandemic has slowed down the world for me and I realize that I can’t have everything that I want and I certainly can’t have everything when I want it.  I had plenty of toilet paper when this whole thing started, but I have seen many other products have shortages and there was nothing that I could do except wait.  I have ordered a lot of stuff online that I had to wait for it to come in the mail, where before I would have just gone out to a store to get it right away.

I understand that many people in the service industry could not stay home and still be able to work and I am grateful for them showing up to their jobs, so I could do my grocery shopping.  I understand that I need to wear a mask, no matter what Trump says about this, because Science has determined this and the magic that Trump predicted is just whacky.  I actually believe that Trump may be more dangerous than the virus.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #87 which asks, “Having been subjected to stay at home restrictions (to one degree or another) over the past six months, would you say that the quarantine has made you a better person?  If so, in what ways?  If not, why not?”

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