Something is Stuck in the Hopper

Sam said, “This is pissing me off, as this is the third time that I had to come out here on the production floor to see what is causing the jam to the feeder.  The product isn’t making it to the vibratory feeder because the agitator keeps breaking down.  Hand me that flat blade screw driver and I will need that ratchet to remove the retaining plate.”  George handed Sam the tools that he asked for and he said, “What do you see down there?”  Sam said, “It looks like the agitator solenoid may be broken, see if you can get the engineer out her to diagnose this, as I have done all that I can do.”  George said, “What should I tell him?”  Sam replied, “Tell him that the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, no just go get him.”

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting! – Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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  1. I used to use the expression “it’s in the hopper” to mean that something was going through the last refinements before it was ready to be presented or moved into production. One day I used that expression at a client meeting and a crusty older woman from Maine explained to me that where she was from, “hopper” is another word for toilet.

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