The Value of Comments

Dr. Tanya at Salted Caramel asks, “Do you think that comments add value to a blog post?  If so, how?”  In my opinion, comments are the most satisfying part about blogging, but since people are different and they may get different meanings from your writing, comments can be rewarding and well as upsetting.  Followers is a useless statistic and that can’t be controlled.  Views is another almost meaningless statistic, as you have no way to determine who has viewed your blog.  The Like button is an important statistic, but it does not tell you all that much about your writing, as some people just click on it to be polite and they don’t bother reading what you wrote.

I am guilty of clicking on the Like button for some stuff where I feel the writer didn’t do a very good job, but I did read their post and the reason that I Liked it was because of the effort that they put into it.  If I am not completely bored reading a particular post, I will click the Like button as it does not take all that much effort on my part to do that.  I don’t give critical comments, so my comments usually say how much I enjoyed reading a post, but those here who I consider to be friends, I may make some sarcastic statements.  I appreciate Followers, Views and Likes, but when somebody takes the time to write a comment, that makes me feel special.  What I don’t get is the bloggers that do not feature the Like button or a Comments section on their posts, as that always adds just a little bit of light to make your post a bit sweeter.

Written for Blogging Insights #46.

38 thoughts on “The Value of Comments

      1. What I’m saying is you can like them and comment on them if you don’t view the post by visiting the post, but by reading them in the reader, even if the blogger doesn’t have a like button or a comment section on their actual blog. At least on my iPhone reader.

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      2. It seems like you are not going to believe me till I show you an example. Thresa left WordPress several times and the last time before she left, she said that she was not getting enough readers and I always felt that was because she removed the Like button from the bottom of her post. She has a new site and this one also doesn’t have a Like button. Maybe it is different from your phone, but I wouldn’t know about that because I never turn mine on. Here is her new site

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      3. Yes, I’ve seen her new site because she responded to my Flash Fiction Challenge. And when I see her post in my IPhone’s Reader, it has a star on the lower right and what looks like a cartoon bubble to its immediate left (circled on the attached image, where I can, from my Reader both like and comment on her post, even though if I actually go visit her post, she doesn’t have a like button.

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    1. Thank you Peter. I write because that is what I enjoy. Time is going to pass by whether or not I am writing or not, but writing makes this more pleasant for me. I used to write more and I have slowed down, but I have not burnt out. Sadly without writing, I don’t have much of a life.

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  1. I like having the ‘like’ button, and I like seeing it on other blogs, too. If they don’t have one, I more than likely just pass on by. Someone once said they didn’t have one so as to force people to leave a comment. They laughed like it was a special trick of theirs. Well, I don’t like being tricked. So bye bye! and that’s my haha to them. 🙂

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    1. I get way fewer Comments, than I get Likes, so the Comments become more precious to me. I don’t see the logic in removing the Like button, as it is very easy to hit the Like button and that is a great way to get feedback, whereas the Comment section is something that takes a lot more thought. I remember Theresa the Haunted Wordsmith who is no longer here removed the Like button on her posts and I never understood why she did that.

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  2. I’d like to comment a lot more, and a lot of posts make me think, but with hands suffering from ar-fur-itis, I save them for the storytelling and smile and follow and like the post I’m reading.
    Thanks, Jim.

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  3. I always read if I hit like. I don’t always comment because I dont want them to be forced. Politics I leave completely alone because I’ve tried it and it don’t work. To say you dislike both sides…some people don’t understand…plus that is not my strong point.
    I’m shallow…older pop culture…that is my speed.

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