Smoke Alarm

I had a two-bedroom apartment in North Carolina where I lived with my 70-pound German Shepard Gale, who I rescued from a shelter.  She was on the aggressive side, never biting anyone, but always willing to chase cats and bark at other dogs, as she saw herself as an alpha.  I guess Gale could be described as all bark and no bite, as she really enjoyed barking and she used this to boss around other dogs.  I never let her out without a leash, for her safety and also because I never knew what kind of trouble she would get into.  Many of the dogs in the neighborhood would roll over on their backs and let Gale sniff their bellies when they saw her approaching, which is the way dogs show respect.  If this did not happen, then there would be a lot of barking.  When Gale was done with her walk, I would remove her collar and keep it attached to her leash.

One night when I was sleeping around 2 AM, the smoke alarm went off for no reason, well there was no fire and no smoke, but apparently the batteries went bad.  Gale was very sensitive to that chirping noise and she kept barking, so I really wanted to fix this.  I removed the smoke alarm from the wall and I took out the battery, but this didn’t help.  I figured that maybe it had some type of capacitor charge that kept it beeping, so I grabbed a pillow to silence it and I opened the back door to put it on my patio.  Gale saw her chance to escape and she went for it and I went chasing after her wearing my shorts and house slippers.

Luckily Gale stopped at the playground, but she was still barking like crazy.  I was able to calm her down by petting her, but I didn’t have her collar or her leash with me.  I had to carry her all the way home, which was all uphill and when we go close to my place, she started squirming, but I was able to get her back inside.  I wrote this poem for Gale and it was the first post that I made when I joined WordPress.

She is wagging her tail.
We are getting the mail.
We will walk through the dale.
It started to hail.
Stopped to lean on a rail.
Just stepped on a snail.
Glad it wasn’t a nail.
Just saw a quail.
We will not fail.
And end up in jail.
We would need bail.
Let’s go for a sail.
It would be nice to catch a whale.
My hook got caught on some kale.
Put the fish in a pail.
Popped open an ale.
That girl is wearing a veil.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is collar.

24 thoughts on “Smoke Alarm

  1. You were a very good dog dad. When I get another dog, it will probably be a mix, but my German Shepherds are my favorite breed. I rescued a purebred from the street (a rather serious dog) and have had at least three Shepherd mixes.

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      1. I broke down also. I had to make the decision on two of ours…Bailey grew up with Molly so I hurt because of Molly and seeing him hurt…it really sucked.

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