The Rainbow Ends

The music for ‘Saint Of Circumstance’ was started by Bob Weir in his Mill Valley home, in Marin County CA and he finished it when he was Puerto Escondido, Mexico in July 1979.  John Perry Barlow wrote the lyrics and this song appeared on the Grateful Dead Go To Heaven album which was released in April 1980.  After Bob wrote the music, he took it to Barlow’s ranch in Campbell County, Wyoming.  Weir reached the highest point around, 9,000 feet up, of the majestic Wind River Mountains and when he turned around, he saw a big thunderstorm, (heavy rain and hail along with thunder and lightning) which he described as a rogue elephant.  The storm followed him up the mountain, coming straight at him and he realized that since he was the most prominent feature for miles on the tree-less landscape, that he was in trouble.  He tossed his watch and just started laughing, and then the line came to him, “I sure don’t know what I’m going for, but I’m going to go for it, for sure.”  Bob ran back laughing and singing, with lightning striking within 10 feet of him, as he could smell the ozone heavy in the air, he saw fences lighting up.  He was spared, and he looked at the song as being a gift from this scary event.

The song mentions the Dog Star (Sirius), “See that Dog Star shinin’.”  The ancient Egyptians studied the stars, so they could calculate a more accurate measurement of what a year is.  They used Sirius, the Dog Star, to predict the annual flooding of the Nile.  By studying Sirius, the Egyptians became the first civilization that was able to switch from a lunar to a solar calendar.  A problem showed up because every four years Sirius was a day late.  This meat that the solar year is really closer to 365 days and six hours, which threw the calendar off, but eventually man came up with leap year and we added a day to February, every fourth year to account for this.

In Norse mythology the rainbow bridge Bifrost connects Asgard, the world of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity.  Only the gods could cross this bridge, which was guarded by the god Heimdall.  Yesterday as I was loading my groceries in my car, I thought that maybe I had found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when I saw two lottery tickets blowing around in the wind.  I got my hopes up thinking that one of them might be a lucky ticket and I would become suddenly wealthy with a huge windfall, but they were both losers.

This must be heaven
Tonight I crossed the line
You must be the angel
I thought I might never find
Was it you I heard singing
Oh while I was chasing dreams
Driven by the wind
Like the dust that blows around
And the rain fallin’ down

But I never know (sure don’t know)
I never know, never know (sure don’t know)

This must be heaven
‘Cause here’s where the rainbow ends
And at last it’s the real thing
Or close enough to pretend

When that wind blows (wind blows)
And the night starts to fall
I can hear the sirens call
It’s a certain sort of sound
And the rain fallin’ down
Rain fallin’ down

Holes in what’s left of my reason
Holes in the knees of my blues
Odds against me been increasing
But I’ll pull through

Never could read no road-map
Now I don’t know what the weather might do
Hear that witch wind whining
See that dog star shining
I got a feelin’ there’s no time to lose
No time to lose

I never know (sure don’t know)
I will never know, no, no (sure don’t know)

Well it’s been heaven
Even rainbow’s will end
Now my sails are filling
The wind so willing
And I’m good as gone again
I’m still walkin’
So I’m sure that I can dance
Just a saint of circumstance
Just a tiger in a trance
And the rain fallin’ down
Rain falling down
Rain falling down

Well I never know
Just don’t know
Just don’t know
Sure don’t know what I’m goin’ for
Sure don’t know
But I’m gonna go for it for sure
Yeah for sure, yeah for sure
Sure don’t know what I’m goin’ for
Just don’t never know, never never know
But I’m gonna go for it for sure
No no no, that’s for sure, yeah for sure
Sure don’t know what I’m goin’ for
Just don’t never never know, no no
But I’m gonna go for it for sure
That’s for sure
Sure don’t know what I’m goin’ for
Yeah maybe going on a dream, going on a dream now
But I’m gonna go for it for sure
Maybe going on a feeling, maybe going on a feeling
Maybe going on a feeling

Written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration 72 where this week’s theme is rainbow from the 1967 Rolling Stones song ‘She’s A Rainbow’.

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