People go around judging things in this world where it seems like everything is competing for our attention and if something is seen as being arousing, this would warrant further attention and deeper evaluation.  The word “gun” may have negative connotations for some people, but it might have positive connotations for others.   Names are abstract self-representations, but you are not supposed to say the words “bomb” or “terrorist” when you are flying on a plane, as this could upset others and cause panic, which might result in you being removed from a flight, or even placed on the no-fly list.

Joe Flynn played the part of Captain Wallace B. Binghamton aka “Old Leadbottom” (due to a bullet wound in his rear end) on the popular television show McHale’s Navy, which was known for being more historically accurate than its contemporary series, F Troop.  Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale would always cause trouble for him and he would say, “Why me?  Why is it always me?”

I have no idea why this song ended up being in this post, as it has no relevance to anything that I was writing about.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge prompt 151 – Is it always Me?

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  1. I remember McHale’s Navy. One of several WWII TV series the family watched.

    Lessee here, Rat Patrol, Twelve O’Clock High, Combat, Hogan’s Heroes, I know there were others just can’t remember. My parents generation reveled in WWII representations.

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