All About the Hairs

Most lizards have four finger pads on their front legs and five toe pads on their back legs, which are covered with rows of hairs that produce electrical attractions which can literally glue the animals down to whatever they want to stick to.  They have the ability to walk up walls and cling to ceilings and when they want to break the molecular attraction, they curl their toes to set themselves free, which is sort of like moving a sticky note from one place to another.  These attractive forces are weak, but when you accumulate millions of hairs, some of these lizards can hang on during hurricane force winds.

Where I live in central Florida, there are lots of lizards and a group of lizards is called a “Lounge” of lizards, which makes sense, because they always look like they are lounging around.  A while ago, I pulled out of my driveway and I saw this lizard was stuck on to my rear windshield and I wondered how long he would hang on before he fell off.  I’m guessing that it was a he, but it may have been a she, as I have no way to determine that.  Anyway, I turned the corner and that sucker was still hanging on.  I wanted him to jump off, so he wouldn’t get hurt but I don’t even know if lizards can get hurt, as I never tried to understand their feelings.  They are rubbery looking creatures and I figured that if he did fall off, that he would probably just bounce around a bit and roll to a stop.

I know that my cats like to torture them, biting their tails off, which supposedly grow back, but I always try to get the lizards away from the cats before they end up dead.  I don’t like to cause any creature pain, but I needed to get on the highway to reach my destination.  When I got on the highway, I drove faster and this lizard was still hanging on.  I eventually saw that he was gone and I felt bad for him, but he was just an annoying lizard and there are plenty more here.

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Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

9 thoughts on “All About the Hairs

  1. FIrst of all, I had no idea how they ever hung on! Second, I took this picture while at my dad’s in St. Petersburg. You must be close. Finally, I had to laugh thinking about them bouncing around then rolling to a stop! I’m still laughing. Thank you for participating! It was a great learning tool and funny!

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    1. I found a 5 minute timer on the internet and I turned on my Dragon speech recognition software to begin writing, or speaking this post. Three minutes in my sister called and that screwed everything up, but you said that the rules were not all that important, so I decided that I would learn how they can climb up things and hang on upside down which is fascinating. i like to explain things and I hope that I did a good job. I am North East of St. Petersburg, which is a good hour from me. Thanks for hosting and inviting me to take part in your picture prompt challenge.


  2. Cool post! My cat will bring in geckos. We find them in the bathroom. Usually the tail is pulled off. If we find them still alive, we catch them in a plastic cup and take them outside and set them free. We have done this more times than I can count! …and yes, when we first moved to the desert, I remember one of my cats walking proudly through the living area with a lizard in her mouth! We rescued the lizard 😁🦎

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