Being a Being

Next month, I will be heading to Portland and then to Kenosha to participate in some demonstrations and I will be taking my long rifle with me.  OK, that was not funny at all, the country is a mess and nobody is safe in Donald Trump’s America, so I am staying home and most likely I will be blogging every day.  It has been six months since I purchased my So Clean unit that I use to sanitize my sleep mask, so I have to change the filter and every month I need to change the nasal cushion, so both of these things are planned for tomorrow.

I am not a big planner, I often go grocery shopping without a list, but I do have a few things on my calendar for September.  My great nephew has a birthday in the middle of the month and some time this week I will send his birthday card out.  I have an appointment with my doctor this Wednesday for my Wellness exam and the day after my great nephew’s birthday I have an eye doctor appointment to discuss Posterior Capsule Opacification.  The Wellness exam is a Medicare requirement, but it is mostly a waste of time for me, as my doctor is a numbers person and she does not give me a full examination.  She is primarily interested in my lab results and she looks at my cholesterol, and blood sugar count.

Since I turned 50 seventeen years ago, all of my other doctors gave me a regular prostate exam as part of my routine physical exam, but in the 8 and a half years that I have had this doctor, she has not done this.  She never asks me to drop my pants, bend over and spread my cheeks, not that I am looking forward to the exam, but I know it is important and she just doesn’t do that.  In order to avoid any future complications, I realize that I should have my body checked out by a trained professional on a regular basis and that walnut-sized organ tucked away in my nether regions never gets examined, probably because it can only be accessed properly through my back door.  I have had my rectum probed before by the lubed up gloved finger and other than feeling a little bit of pressure, and some mild discomfort, it is usually over in about a minute and then I get to wipe off.  I have learned to relax and take a deep breath as the finger goes past my sphincter, as tensing up only heightens the discomfort.

Since she never does this, I will ask her for a referral to a specialist, as everything that I read says that this should be part of a routine in a yearly physical exam for men.  My cat bit me two weeks ago as I was trying to get her into her carrying cage, so she could get her shots at the vet and I will ask my doctor when I am due for another tetanus shot.  I will bring her the paperwork from my super flu shot that I got last week and the paperwork of my negative test result for Covid-19 that I just had done so she can update her records.  My last doctor appointment was a virtual visit and I logged on to the portal online and we chatted with my cam on.  I purchased a blood pressure monitor and a temperature tester and told her my results as well as my current weight.

I no longer need to wear glasses since my cataract surgeries, but my eye doctor scheduled an appointment for a checkup, as my vision was not that great right after the procedure.  She thinks that I may have Posterior Capsule Opacification which can be treated with a quick, painless, outpatient laser procedure to make my vision clearer.  I did have some discomfort in my right eye which felt like I had soap and an eyelash stuck in my eye, but I found some eyedrops to remedy that.  I guess I will just have to wait and see what develops.

I did some whining on my blog about people not following rules on the Song Lyric Sunday challenge that I host and this has cost me some followers, which I regret.  I am going to try and be more chill about the rules and not make any more rants in the future.  I am happy with the two challenges that I am involved with and I will be writing about the Simple Minds song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ this Friday for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge that I am hosting this Friday on September 4th, although I still have not figured out how to get Mr. Linky working with the new block editor.  The next Song Lyric Sunday challenge should be different as I went with a Musical or an Opera song for this and I am going to write about song ‘Hair’ from the musical Hair.

I am sad that this is the final day for Fandango’s Dog days of August, because I felt that all of his prompts were very interesting, but I am sure that I will find other things to write about.  I don’t require all that much out of life, as I only need basic sustenance, food and water and some rest and sometimes I wonder if René Descartes got it backwards by saying, “I thinktherefore I am”, as I see myself as a being, and therefore, I think.  I have mastered the ability to think and I enjoy writing, so I am a blogger even if nobody reads what I write about.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #31 where the prompt is my plans for September.

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  1. You can try my Simply 6 minutes challenge on Tuesdays. It is a picture prompt and you time yourself for six minutes. Track how many words. It is sort of a personal challenge but fun to share.

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  2. “she just doesn’t do that”

    Talking to my wife the RN about it… The current thinking is that the exam is not useful at our age. Seems that the prostate cancer an older man gets is not particularly aggressive. You’ll probably die of something else long before any side effects from prostate cancer.

    I had one prostate exam in my life and that was several years ago. My doctor isn’t concerned about it.

    Wife just had the cataract surgery. She already had dry eye and this has aggravated it. She’s also having a slight fuzziness in her right eye. Her distance vision has improved dramatically and she’s now safe to drive at night. Up close needs some mild reading glasses.

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  3. Sounds like you do have a number of things going on in September, Jim. Enough to keep you out of too much trouble, anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed my dog days prompts. But August is over and it’s time to move on. Maybe I’ll come up with another series of prompts at some point if I stay on WordPress.

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  4. You nearly gave me heart attack with your first sentence, Jim. Glad you weren’t serious. My real reason for commenting is to say I can’t believe people unfollowed you because you let off steam about Song Lyric Sunday complainers. What shallow morons they must be. I was hoping you’d follow that up with a change of heart about not hosting it any more.

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    1. I did rant about not hosting it any more, but I think that I would have a hard time trying to find someone that is committed as much as I am, so I will stick with it. Today someone posted a song and the lyrics and I wrote back to them saying, “Nice music, but next time try do some research and let everyone know something about the song that you post.” I realize that I was being too nice to the participants and that is over now, so they can keep on participating or not.

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  5. I need my eyes checked out (Iritis…again) but I have to be referred to the eye clinic by my GP (I can’t just turn up). I’ll book an appointment with my GP tomorrow but I may have a long wait to see the eye specialist.

    I’ll look forward to your Simple Minds post. I’ve been a fan of the band since the very early days (did you know they were originally called ‘Johnny & The Self Abusers’?)

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