Thanks for the Mammaries

I am basically a wise ass, so a lot of people may follow me, but they don’t ever read my posts (at least that is what I think) and they never hit the Like button or leave any Comments, so these Followers are worthless to me.  My Site Stats say that I currently have 1,180 Followers, but I only count my true followers as being my followers, because these are the bloggers that I feel like I have developed a relationship with.   Based on the 1000 most recent comments made on my posts, 421 of those comments were made by me.  A blogger named glyn40wilton who is a humorous guy that has a deep love for music made 56 of these comments.  55 were made by badfinger20 (Max), the masked blogger Fandango made 55, pensitivity101 left 47 and Peter’s pondering left 35 comments.

Today I had a dentist appointment and I got three cavities drilled and three fillings put in and I only wrote one post before this one, but my Site Stats say that I got 111 Views today.  Apparently, it is a Thing received 13 views today, How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good got 8, Prepositions of Place pulled in 6, About also had 6 and Home got 6.  Sex Is A Three Letter Word got 5 views, Contact received 4 views, Sloopy Hang On also got 4,  I Watched the Cars Below pulled in 3, and Everywhere A Sign got 3 views today.  A post that I never wrote called Blog  got 3 views today, along with Not So Basic Biology racking up 3 and I Watched the Cars Below getting 3.  13 of my posts each got two views today, those being Let Me Die In Your Arms, Home page / Archives, Animals Gather in Groups, Song Stuck In My Head, Lyrical Challenge – In Case You Missed The 60s, Girls Rock Your Boys, Make Sure It’s Clear Now, Pumped A Lot Of Pane , It Was Beauty That Killed the Beast, Ghost Rider, Between The Dawn And The Dark Of Night, Oh My Darling, and Nobody Has To Think Too Much About Desolation Row.  20 more of my posts each received one view today and although it may seem like I don’t give a shit about most of my followers, it is about time that I thanked each and every one of you, even the ones who don’t read my posts, or Like them or make Comments.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #25 where the prompt is to thank your followers.

27 thoughts on “Thanks for the Mammaries

  1. This is a nice post, thanks for your ‘true’ followers. I have to say that I ‘admire’ bloggers who keep some sort of ‘tally’ of their followers. I do not. I just blab and read and ‘like’ and comment on the fly. I have a couple of bloggers that seem to read regularly, other’s like/comment if I use a prompt, and all the others I think jus click follow in hopes, maybe, of reciprocity. I have no idea how frequently I read/like/comment on your posts but you are one of my ‘regular’ reads.

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  2. I’m bummed I did not make your wall of ‘fame’. I comment each and every Sunday (at least) AND I like your stuff when it pops up in my reader, even if I don’t comment. I READ your stuff too (because you’re a wise-ass, but also because you know a wicked lot about music. ) So *insert crying emoti face that I can’t post any longer due to WP restrictions* Pity me. Ha! P.S. You ought to be thankful that I DON’T comment all the time. My comments are routinely long and I doubt the people whose blogs get a hit every day probably don’t read the whole thing. It’s a thing about being verbose….dual edged sword there. As to the mammaries? You’re very welcome, although I don’t recall showing them to you…. this ain’t that type of site. 😉

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    1. The mammaries were only added to this post to be an attention grabber. One thing about my blog is that if I make a comment on your post, I will never know if you responded, because I only get notifications if my comments are liked. I wrote the happiness engineers about this, but they never did anything about. Thus if you wrote something back to me on any of your posts, I never saw it, so don’t think that I am being a snob.


      1. Oh, I’d NEVER think of you as a snob. And I was trying to be funny with the mammaries comment…um. “Humor. A Most Difficult Concept” huh? Guess it fell a bit flat. O_o I try to routinely like and reply to any comment made on my own blog, and if it’s not working back at you, well there is a problem. But those happiness engineers seem a bit limited in their usefulness – they never solved the emotiocon (smilies) problem for me. One day it worked, the next day, nah. Only sporadically. Sometimes WP is so frustrating!

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