Plato’s Last Words

I started writing a new book, which would have been my fourth unpublished book, but I lost interest in it and I put it aside.  I used some historical characters in this book, people from Athens including Plato and his nephew Speusippus who go to the wedding of Isocrates and Plathane.  At the wedding Plato is encouraged to tell his story of Atlantis and after telling his tale, he passes away.  Plato talks about Solon who found a very old stone tablet in Egypt and his good friend Critias who inherited this tablet and that is how he learned about the lost continent.

I had to create several characters that supposedly lived in Atlantis and one of them was Toth, who eventually became an Egyptian god and I used the name of Philomena as his daughter who was also one of the survivors of the devastation.  Tom Curry the son of a lighthouse keeper is a major character in my story and he will eventually become the father of Aquaman.  These six teenagers have a party at the lighthouse when Tom’s parents are away and they play this intriguing game called Secret, Sin or Strip, which is similar to the modern equivalent of Truth or Dare.  Three boys, Tom Curry, his good friend Toth Thildo, and a guy that they barely know Nakotah Shilo play this game with three girls Millei Pareon, Ceuralla Racrehel and Puella Suayofo, who were all acquaintances of Nakotah.   Nakotah practices black magic and we learn that he is known as Night Shadow.

Night Shadow stole the Scrolls of Darkness which contain ancient wisdom and he uses their incantations for evil deeds.  Nakotah hypnotized the girls with his evil eye and he commanded demons to do his will.  Tom and Toth are both a bit scarred of Nakotah, and they are only hoping that they will survive the night.  However, Toth is also a wizard and he has some tricks up his sleeve, which I will not reveal.  I should probably thank Fandango for renewing my interest in continuing this forgotten book.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #23 where the prompt is to create a character.

9 thoughts on “Plato’s Last Words

    1. Their names are a bit difficult, that is if you don’t live on Atlantis, but Millei is dressed like a goddess in a sleeveless and low-cut white satin gown. Her lovely red hair is pulled back on one side, so everyone could see her beautiful face. Ceuralla had the face of an angel, very noticeable curves in the right places, and the fragrance of flowers in her hair. Some might say she had a body that many men wouldn’t mind dying for. Puella was also a dream girl, real eye candy, a slender and elegant bombshell who moved with the confidence of a princess because of her appealing blend of sensuality and self- assurance. When girls look this great, guys make a point to remember their names.

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