Staying Out of Trouble

Each tomorrow brings trouble and pain, as trouble has a way of finding me.  I married me a wife, but she brought me trouble my whole life.  I got divorced and started a new life, but nothing seemed to matter anymore.  I started dating, but I never obtained that same connection and I lost touch with all of my old friends.  I started writing, putting together a portfolio of my Electrical Engineering career, which became this long document, because I held so many positions.  When I finished that, I started writing more engineering documents and I wrote about Six Sigma, which is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes and I collected all the information that I could on this and I wrote a book about it.

Next, I started to write about process instrumentation which is used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities like, flow, temperature, pressure, level and others.  These were just articles that I put together and I published some of them on Scribd.  Then the Russian hackers got me and gave me the Ransom virus, which corrupted all of my files, but I refused to pay them any money, because I was not going to let these scumbags extort me.  I started writing again and this ended up becoming my first book Man’s Footprint in Water, which was a chronological collection of short stories, all involving water.  The Six Sigma book is lost forever and I have no desire to re-write it, so I always consider the water book to be my first book.  I never got this published, but I have written about many of these stories in my blog, which I started later, after my second book.

I got this idea that Jesus had a step cousin who I named Eli.  Joseph was the husband of Mary and he was a carpenter, and the step father to Jesus, so I figured that Joseph who there is not all that much information on in the Bible could have had a brother who I named Seth.  Seth was a stone worker and he has a son named Eli and just like Joseph taught Jesus to be a carpenter, Seth taught Eli his trade of being a stone mason.  Eli did not witness any of the miracles that His cousin performed, and my original intention of this book Ancient Book of Eli (given this name because there was already a movie out with the name Book of Eli) was to write this as a comedy, where Eli was close by but he kept missing out on seeing his cousin perform any miracles.

As I continued to write this book, it changed and evolved into a story book about Eli getting married and going on a honeymoon.  This became a 453-page long book comprised of 286,813 words, because I couldn’t stop writing.  I wanted to get this book published and I found these two talented artists, Annabelle Pullen and Renee Clarke who between them made 13 beautiful illustrations for my book and I was very pleased with their work.  I started reading up on how to get a book published after I got all of these rejection letters back from publishers and one piece of advice said that I needed a platform and this is how I arrived at WordPress in April of 2017.  Only one person has ever read this book and nobody has ever read my water book.

I never got this book published, but then I started to write another book titled So You Want To Learn Calculus and I had no idea how this one would turn out.  It would take a lot of guts for somebody to pick up this book and start reading it as I went way beyond beginner level calculus and even above advanced level calculus in this book, and although I think it is fascinating, this book is certainly not for everyone and it will probably never get published.

When I was young, I used to drink and smoke and dance the hoochie coo and I got into trouble, but I settled down when I got married.  After a failed marriage, I was getting into trouble again and writing brings me peace, so I blog every day.  Besides being a way to stay out of trouble, writing helps improve my mind, and I read a lot of posts here that others write, because I enjoy learning new things all the time.  I enjoy the writing challenges and I like the idea that I have some virtual friends out there in the blogging world.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #22 where the prompt is why blogging matters to you.

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