Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Week 86

Phil Collins suffered a devastating neck injury in 2007, which left him unable to play the drums any more, but he still continued to be a great singer. He joined Genesis in 1970 as drummer and served in that capacity until original frontman Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975. Collins sang backup to that point, and he reluctantly became the group’s lead singer, and as Genesis gradually transitioned from artful eccentrics to more reliable pop purveyors, his natural stage presence and ability to sing complex songs while drumming made the transition a smooth one. Come and visit the MM Music challenge today and contribute some of your writing while you have fun, reading what others wrote.

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Phil Collins was approached to write the title song to the film Against All Odds while it was still in its rough-cut form.  At the time the soundtrack was being completed, Phil was still on tour with his band Genesis.  It is a power ballad in which its protagonist implores an ex-lover to “take a look at me now”, knowing that reconciliation is “against all odds” while considering it worth trying.  Director Taylor Hackford flew to Chicago to see one of the band’s concerts and then, Phil watched the movie on a videocassette recorder in his hotel room, and agreed to appear on the soundtrack.  The film revolves around an aging American football star, who is hired by a mobster to find his girlfriend.

Once you get past the pulse-pounding car-chase opening sequence in this film, sharp-eyed viewers will be able to figure out that this 1984 suspenser is a remake of…

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