Collective Nouns

1. Aurora
This term is used for a group of flowers, but not the ones in a hanging garden.

2. Argument
This term is used for a gathering of lawyers.

3. Blessing
This is used for an assembly of poems.

4. Smack
This is used to describe many different types of kisses, but not those involving any tongue escapades.

5.  Embarrassment
This is used to represent test results.

6.  Prickle
This relates to a grouping of pickles when they are not confined in a jar or in a barrel.

7.  Bloat
This is used to group IBS symptoms.

8.  Coalition
This is a gathering of coal miners.

9.  Barrel
This is a grouping of keys on the piano.

10. Zeal
This is a list of what prisoners are allowed to have as their last meal before being executed.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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