I get up out of bed and then I take a nap, no just kidding.  I sleep in my underwear, so when I get out of bed, I put on my shorts and my shirt.  I have sleep apnea, so I need to put my mask inside my cleaning unit and then I refill the reservoir with distilled water.  A trip to the bathroom follows this where I urinate, wash my hands and my face.  Back to my bedroom where I check my blood sugar, and what I eat is dependent on my readings.  I put my meter away and I get my morning pills out along with my pen needles and alcohol wipes.  Now it is time for breakfast.

Most days breakfast consists of coffee with creamer and toast with butter, but on the weekends, I splurge and have sausage and eggs also.  I take my breakfast back to my bedroom where I consume it while watching CNN.  After breakfast and while I still have a few sips of coffee left in my cup, I take my pills, which are Metformin which is an anti-diabetic medication, Lisonopril which is used to treat high blood pressure, Amlodipine also for high blood pressure, and Hydrochlorothiazide which is a diuretic.  Next, I take two injections, Novolog and Victoza.  Each insulin pen has a disposable needle tip which I must attach to it and they contain a dial that measures the dose that I am required to inject myself with.  I worked out a pattern for testing my blood and taking injections, which keeps me organized and lets me know where to stick the needles in.  It is complicated and it works with a two-letter pattern, the first letter being either B – Bottom, M – Middle, or T – Top and the second letter being A, B, C or D.  Today is BC and I associate this with the phrase Before Cats.

I go back to the kitchen and rinse out my coffee cup and throw away my paper plate that I ate my toast off of.  Next, I brush my teeth with my electric tooth brush and then I floss and use mouth wash.  Now I clean the cat litter boxes, which is a nasty job, but somebody has to do it.  After cleaning up, I head into the computer room and look at my email.  Next, I look at the posts from my favorite bloggers and then I look for some prompt challenges that I want to participate in.  The day of the week often determines which writing challenges I will get involved in.

Somewhere between 11 AM to 1 PM, I have another cup of coffee and a small snack, probably a small slice of cake.  Around 3 PM, I eat lunch and today I will have egg salad on a croissant.  I try to eat dinner around 5:30 and I have some left-over spicy chicken gnocchi that I will eat tonight.  I have to take two more pills after dinner and another injection.  I brush my teeth again and floss and use mouthwash again.  Thinking about food and writing about food always makes me hungry and I get one more snack later on at 9 PM after I take my last injection, and my second and final blood sugar reading for the day.  Lately my last snack has been a small serving of strawberry shortcake.

I watch Netflix at night, because I don’t like commercials and then before I turn off the TV, I have to take Atorvasatin which is a cholesterol-lowering medication and then I use my special germicidal mouthwash Peridex which the dentist prescribed.  I usually wake up around 3 AM for a bathroom trip and again at 6 AM and this time I will take my Levothyroxine for my thyroid gland.

My life is filled with medications and eating, writing and reading blogs and at night I am watching TV.  I don’t go out that much, but I do go shopping once a week.  I am thinking about getting my hair cut next week and also going to get my toenails trimmed.  I shower regularly and if I don’t then I will go in the back yard and jump in the pool.  My life is boring, but I am not board, I never get depressed, because I look for and find things to do, and if you are wondering why I wrote this, Fandango made me do it.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #14 where the prompt is your daily routine.

17 thoughts on “Boring

  1. Thanks for sharing a day in your life. I’m pleased you don’t find it boring and take time to enjoy things that interest you. I didn’t find it boring either. I smiled the entire time reading it. I just hope one day I’ll become one of your favorite bloggers.😄.

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  2. Sounds like me with all the medicines and times and what and when to eat, and all of it pretty much scheduled out through the day. The rest of the day is reading blogs, and regular books. It’s not boring to me, either.
    Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend! 🙂

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  3. Your daily routine is about as fascinating as mine is. But I don’t have diabetes, so I don’t need to deal with any associated testing, medications, or injections. And my day is also punctuated by my dog’s need to take care of business four times a day.

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      1. Most of the time I’m good…it’s in my head. If I hear someone panting out of breath…then I get out of breath…so I’m sensitive to anything over my face.

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  4. I’m on Amlodopine myself. Also, Clopidogrel after I had my mini-stroke a few years ago (nothing since, thank goodness).
    I tend to just have cereal and a mug of tea for breakfast…yawn!

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