You Are What You Eat

I can’t choose a favorite food because I like variety and unless I am on death row getting my last meal, I don’t really know what I want to eat.  If it was my last meal and I had to choose, I would pick Beef Wellington with a baked potato, green bean almondine because it rhymes and a baked Alaska for dessert.  Eating is not simple like putting gas in your car when your gauge tells you that it is getting low and a whole gambit of considerations come into play when I get hungry.  I usually plan my meals out and I want to eat food that I enjoy, but since I have type II diabetes, I try to be conscious of the health concerns involved in what I eat.  Most of the time when I cook, I look for convenience, cost, and variety and quantities that will not take up my whole refrigerator, or make more than three left over meals for me.  I like all types of foods and I don’t have a favorite appetizer, a favorite entrée, a favorite snack, and I could never even try to choose a favorite dessert.

There is still one family tradition that I have followed for my whole life, which was started by my dad and this involves eating spaghetti on the opening Sunday of football season every year.  Besides having football games on Sunday, it is also played on Thursday and Monday and although the 2020 season will start on Thursday, September 10th with the Chiefs hosting the Texans, I will make my spaghetti on Sunday, September 13th, even if the season is cancelled due to Covid-19.  I use a sauce made from a jar and thickened with paste and I make my own meatballs and I usually add some sweet Italian sausage.  I could probably eat spaghetti once a month, but it tastes better when you don’t have it all the time.

I should probably mention that I don’t like onions, I don’t like they way they look, or the way that they smell and I won’t eat them.  I won’t bother picking around them, because that nasty flavor seeps into everything that they touch.  My dad thought that I was being finicky, so he told my mom to cut up the onions up into really tiny pieces thinking that I wouldn’t taste them that way, but I gaged on them and almost puked.  My mom always made me special meals without onions after that and only a mom has that much love in her.  I can clearly state that onions are my least favorite food.  If you are what you eat, the last thing that I want to be is a putrid onion.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #10 where the prompt is your favorite food.

17 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. The first thing that came to mind when I began reading was your hatred of onions. The second thing is that I have a post written for future use – and it’s been sitting for years in my doc folder and probably will never post.
    My daughter used to eat onions without problem, then her cousin came and said she didn’t eat onions, and my daughter picked up the mantra. So I started chopping them very small – and yes, she eats them like that without any problem.

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    1. I not only dislike onions, I detest them. Some people say that they don’t like onions but they don’t mind eating onion rings, but I don’t eat them. What will your daughter think about you when she finds out that you have been tricking her?

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  2. Well, you do seem to know your onions 🙂
    I have to be a little selective of what I can eat. For instance; dairy products in moderation because of my high cholesterol. Ironically, I’m skinny as a rake. How cruel is that? 😦

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  3. I don’t eat raw onions at all. I like them sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and put in other foods, like meatloaf and beans. For me, I love Mexican food and sauteed onions are often used as seasoning. I understand the complexity of your taste buds. I don’t like mushrooms or olives. I don’t like bell peppers and they don’t like me (major heartburn)! I can’t even pick out bell peppers. Olives leave a taste behind that I don’t like either. I can eat something sauteed with mushrooms, but I have to pick them out. The texture is a problem there. So…do I get the pickiest eater award??? LOL! 🙂

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  4. I’m with you on that whole onion thing. I’ve been taunted and teased my whole life because I LOATHE onions. Least favorite food of anything. I’ll pick them off if someone has made something and I don’t want to offend, but I went to a dinner last fall where the hostess served vegetable soup. It was good soup, but there were these HUMONGOUS chunks of onion and pepper floating around (I loathe cooked peppers too), and celery (which should NEVER be cooked IMHO) and I almost gagged. I politely ate around the veggies as much as I could and then just didn’t finish it. I think she was a bit hacked off, but I’d told her before that I was mildly allergic to onions (a small lie but it serves). Her fault in my opinion. Of course I couldn’t go over for dinner now, but I hadn’t been invited since the whole uneaten soup event.

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    1. When I order anything from McDonalds or other places, I always make sure to say NO ONIONS and that gives me a fresh burger, not one that has been sitting under a heat lamp. I may have to wait a few more minutes for it, but it is well worth my time.


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