It Only Takes A Few Bad Apples

The feeling has gone away, and now that I have lost that loving feeling, I am thinking about calling it quits.  Maybe it was inevitable that I would not last as the host for Song Lyric Sunday, but at one time, I really did enjoy doing this, however lately this has not been a day at the beach.  For the past two weeks, I had to include rants on this challenge that was once all about having fun.  I thought that I was doing a pretty good job, and even though I read every song post that was submitted, this was not being reciprocated with the posts that I wrote.  I don’t enjoy arguing, and I don’t like quitting either and if people could just be a little bit nicer, I would stick around.

I have prompts scheduled till November 8, 2020 and in the mean time I will be looking for a new host to take over.  It is just a few bloggers that have been getting on my nerves and if they quit before I do, then I will stick around.  Song Lyric Sunday was my favorite day of the week, but lately it has become a hassle and maybe it is time for new blood.  The thrill of coming here every week to see which songs everybody will pick has gone away and maybe it is not gone for good, but without the fun that this challenge once had, it is not worth it for me to continue.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Inevitable and for Ragtag Community – Beach.

32 thoughts on “It Only Takes A Few Bad Apples

  1. Oh no Jim! I hope you’ll reconsider. I think you’re doing a splendid job, and the indepth research you put into your own responses is to be commended. I know I’ve thought outside the box a few times (Temma Harbour for home town for instance) but I like to contribute rather than pass completely. I hope you stay.

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      1. Are people being downright nasty Jim or just obtuse in their choices? Do you follow them too or is it just their response to SLS that is upsetting? You have a lot of support here so it would be such a shame if you still feel you have to quit because of a moronic few.

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  2. You are feeling the way I used to feel about my job from time to time. Thankfully the feeling passed each time and I was able to make it to 25 years. Get outside and get some fresh air. Go get a nice massage with a happy ending. Things will look brighter, I promise.

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  3. You are so, absolutely, 100%, totally wrong Jim. You are NOT doing a pretty good job!!!!!
    You are doing a fantastic, mind blowingly, awesome, superlative, creative, damn fine job. And what am I doing while typing this? Why, I’m listening to the brilliant choice of music that you gave us above. I think you’ve managed to resurrect a love of music in many people that hitherto had drifted along, getting older and getting stale. I do so hope that you have a change of mind, and especially for you, in a couple of weeks, I’ve selected a special treat for you for SLS.

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  4. Sorry you’re having such a down time. I think we all do — over the years I’ve thought about quitting blogging at least a dozen times and not just because of response I get (or don’t get.) Sometimes a change is a great idea and restores the zip; sometimes a break is in order. Having someone take over short-term may be the best answer. In any case, hope you find a suitable answer and have a great week. Thanks for taking part in RDP. 🙂

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  5. Really sorry to read this, Jim. I think you’re a wonderful host for SLS. Although I don’t contribute every week, I enjoy reading the responses & learning about new music. I can’t imagine why anyone would complain or hassle you! I like the format you’ve come up with — the multiple prompts have resulted in more choices each week & mostly different choices by everyone. I hope you feel better about this tomorrow .. or at least before your prompts run out on November 8th! That’s 3 months away. Don’t even think about SLS during that time!

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  6. I honestly can’t understand, Jim. Are people leaving negative comments or hassling you in some way? Or are you annoyed because you take the time to read all bloggers’ SLS posts in response to your prompt, but many are not taking the time to read yours? Talk to me, Jim. Dr. Fandango is listening.

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    1. For the last two weeks I went into paragraph long rants about people interpreting the prompts their own way after a blogger questioned me on how the rules are supposed to work. I thought I was clear that people were supposed to use the prompt words and not work with the theme that I use to tie the prompts together, but participants were still doing their own thing. Nobody is stopping them from blogging about a song that they like, but when it does not have one of the prompt words in the title of the song, or in the lyrics, that is going against the rules. Since there are rules, I think that they should be followed and when they are not, like the other week I made a suggestion that they could search on to find a song that fits. This led to some bloggers saying that Helen was a better host than I am.
      Yes, it is annoying that I take the time to read all of SLS posts, but most of them I enjoy, even though many are not reading mine. I am not getting the joy out of this any more that I once was and it would probably be more fun to just be a participant than being the host. Many bloggers have given me compliments and praise for doing such a good job of being the host here and that makes me want to continue, but a few bad apples have spoiled it for me. I don’t want to have a rant each week, and if everyone would just follow the rules, we could all have fun.

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      1. I think you’re letting these few bad apples get to you. Some people just don’t like following strict rules. Others choose to interpret rules differently than you or I might. You shouldn’t let that discourage you, Jim. You’re very good at SLS and I think you should just try and let the negativity of the a few naysayers roll off your back. Please don’t give up hosting SLS.

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  7. Damn. Now I feel a portion of guilt because I believe it was my remark that sparked all this in the first place. 😦 I support whatever decision you come to, because I fully agree with you “if it ain’t fun, it’s time to quit). Perhaps a suggestion I might make (which you are in no way obligated to take or even acknowledge if you don’t want to) is to find someone to co-host with you and switch out weeks. Alternatively taking a bit of a hiatus might be the thing to revive your enthusiasm and joy in what you do in hosting Song Lyric Sunday.

    It might sound harsh, but if there are some readily identifiable bloggers who keep messing things up, can you just block them? We all go through patches of discouragement. I will simply say this to end up: You give me a reason to get out of bed on Sundays. The desire to get out of bed at all has been dwindling more and more, and got worse after and since that virus thing came to stay. I pray that you find your smile again and carry on.

    But. Do what is best for YOU. That’s the most important thing of all, not some asshats who refuse to play nice. Take care Jim!

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    1. It is complicated Melanie and I am not leaving for a while. There are several bloggers here that know a lot about music and I am sure that they will do an adequate job of being the host. I don’t want to be the host that gets shit on and I would never consider blocking anyone. I would consider being a fill in host if the person that takes over needs a break or something pops up in their life, but I don’t want to be a split host, as I want to make a clean break from this.

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  8. I hope you continue as SLS host! You’re doing a great job. What you need to do though is go into your settings and block the bad apples. That way, they won’t be able to post, comment, or link to your blog. They may continue to read your posts and do SLS, but their link won’t show up and no one will read them 🙂

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    1. Thanks Paula, but I don’t think that I will be blocking anybody. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. I am pretty picky so it may take me a while to find a suitable replacement.


  9. I don’t know who or why caused this problem, but I wish it didn’t happen to make you want to give up SLS. You have done a wonderful job of hosting. I appreciate your taking on such a big responsibility on here. I know you need to do what is best for yourself, though.

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