Where the Words Are Real

  1. kinetoscope

This is a primitive periscope developed by Kunta Kinte in Roots that he used to check when his master was gone.

  1. lugubrious

When you cough up a phlegm wad, this is called hocking a loogie, and this term describes the biggest one, or the one that travels the furthest distance, as I can’t remember.  Anyway, it is mostly a guy thing and I probably stopped doing this when I was 8.  It might be good to check with Tom Bradey as anyone who can blow snot out of their nose like this guy must know a thing or two about hocking loogies.

  1. maudlin

This is Karl Malden’s nickname and he got it because a lot of people had trouble pronouncing his name and he would correct them by saying this.

  1. numismatics

This is a condition that people who listen to too many Pink Floyd songs suffer from.

  1. opulence

This word was derived from people opting out because they had better sense.

  1. prepubescence

This term relates to the musical Hair.

  1. quixotic

This term came from a lunatic that got stuck in quick sand.

  1. recumbent

This term is used for a pornographic position.

  1. stereoscope

When Rene Laennec invented the first stethoscope people thought he named it this, because the sound went to both of his ears.

  1. turgid

This is something that is better left in the toilet bowl.

Written for PC Guy’s Fibbing Friday.

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