Racism is not a modern-day phenomenon, as ever since the beginning of humanity people wanted to belong to groups, so they looked for things to define them.  People look for patterns, it is what we do and there is nothing wrong with that and if we didn’t always try to classify things, there would be no mathematics, science or language.  Grouping is a good thing, but when one group thinks that it is better than another group, that spells trouble.  There is good and bad in every group and racism is a learned behavior, it is not an inherent prejudice.  Nobody is born being a bigot.

I believe that racism can be eliminated or at least diminished, if mankind starts to look for the similarities that we share, instead of looking for differences.  As we enter the space age and have people living on the International Space Station who realize that they need to cooperate with each other in order to survive, there was an agreement that English would be the operating language for everyone.  I always felt that the quickest way for humanity to come together would be for an alien race to attack our planet and then we would all open up our eyes and see that we are all in the same group, that being Earthlings.  When people get smarter racism will disappear.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #81, which asks, “Do you believe that racism is an inherent human trait or is it learned?  Either way, are there actions that society can take to eliminate, or at least diminish, racism?  Or will racism always exist no matter what we do?”

13 thoughts on “Grouping

  1. Racism is taught Jim. Just look at little children playing together. They do not see color and differences as a hindrance to their fun. They become what their parents make them. Each generation I hope it will change but sadly it never does. You wrote a nice post and you also picked my favorite Beatles song 🙂

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  2. “…if mankind starts to look for the similarities that we share, instead of looking for differences.” I agree, but we have a leader who focuses on our differences and tries his best to amplify them. The unfortunate thing is that so many are listening to and have embraced him for it.

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  3. Us and Them is an artificially contrived separation the Overlords use to control the masses. As long as we are focused on the illusion, the Overlords can — and do — do as they please. You’re right, it’s ok to have differences, as a world of all the same is generic, bland, and sterile. It’s what keeps life interesting! Once enough of us figure that out, the Overlords will need to flee and hide. I do have faith in our young people. The internet gives all equal access to all things across the globe. There is nothing the Overlords can do about this cultural/racial/gender exchange (except limit access to the internet, which they are doing their best to do.) I just heard yesterday on NPR that Drumpf wants to shut down TikTok (whatever the h*ll that is) unless an American company buys it.


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