6 Degrees of Separation for Man

Just like a cat can get tied in with a dog as both of them are house pets and a dog can be tied to a duck because they both start with the letter D and since duck rhymes with fuck, which is a good way to get exercise and urinary incontinence can be treated by doing Kegels, the cat is within 6 degrees of separation to the Kegel, at least according to Kevin Bacon.  I am going relate John Fogerty to Percy Sledge through this same type of logic.  I am going to assume that John Fogerty’s Old Man was dirty which gets us to the Three Degrees and if this man lived in the South, that would tie him into Neil Young.  If the Southern man is able to keep his head, then he can live in a man’s world and maybe he would get some new clothes to look better, then he might fall in love with a woman.  Well anyway, it makes sense to me and I have some great music for you.

John Fogerty Old Man Down the Road

Three Degrees Dirty Old Man

Neil Young Southern Man

James Brown It’s a Man’s World

ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man

Percy Sledge When a Man Loves a Woman

Written for Paula Light’s new prompt of 6 Degrees which is similar to the game Carnelli that is played by many Mensa members and Paula said that we can use books, movies songs and poems in our grouping.

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