Acid Trip

Fandango is starting up a new writing challenge today, which is supposed to run through the dog days of August and I decided that I might as well participate in this.  You are supposed to write about a trip today and I went with the drug-induced trip option, because today is Jerry Garcia’s birthday and he was called Captain Trips.  You always have to start someplace and everyone that ever took an LSD trip and still has a few braincells left, had to experience their first trip.  I was never any good on acid and I only did it because my friends were doing it.  Most drugs didn’t faze me all that much and I took a good share of many of them, but acid was always too much for me to handle.  I saw my friends taking it and they seemed to be enjoying themselves and they always had stories about the things that they did the next day, so I tried it out of pear pressure.

I grew up in a town where everybody got high, at least the crowd that I was in.  I figured that I might as well go along with what the others were doing and I was probably the last in my group of friends to drop acid.  We were all over Randy’s house, seven of us, Randy, Danny, Artie, Ed, Anthony, my brother Jack and myself when everyone took a hit of blotter acid.  We listened to some music and everyone was asking me how I was feeling and I didn’t feel anything.  We went for a drive in my station wagon and that is when I got off.  It happened all of a sudden when the guys were all hanging out of the windows and I told them to cool it, because I didn’t want to get pulled over.  Guys will be guys and telling them to calm down while they were tripping was useless, as that just gave them incentive to act more wildly.  They started banging on the roof of my car and it wasn’t like I was seeing all types of colors, but I did become extremely restless and anxious to get out from behind the wheel of my car.

I pulled over in the Dairy Queen parking lot which was one of the hangouts for teens and it was like a giant party was going on there, as I ran into at least a dozen other kids that I knew who said that they were also tripping.  My friends used to refer to me as the babbler and I guess that was because I always had something to say, adding in my two cents whenever I got the opportunity to do so, but when I was tripping, I lost my ability to speak.  All of my friends were talking, but I was too spaced out to communicate with anyone.  I liked talking, so I never enjoyed taking acid.

We left the Dairy Queen after a while and I drove over to another hangout in this strip mall that had a pizza joint and a Friendly’s Ice Cream.  When we got there, I ran into some more kids that were also tripping.  We were all too late for Woodstock and the Summer of Love as this was 1971, but we were all hippies, with long hair, love beads and bellbottoms.  This one kid Chris lit off a snake firework on the hood of my car and I just watched as it emitted smoke and spewed out ash resembling a snake and ruined my paint job.  Since I was unable to talk, I couldn’t complain and everyone else seemed to enjoy it.  I didn’t like being jittery and I was glad when I came down, but that was hours later.  I tried acid a few more times, always with more or less of the same effect and some times I did see colors, but mostly I was a total mess.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August FDDA #1 where the prompt is trip.

14 thoughts on “Acid Trip

    1. I never had a flashback and I never had a bad trip either. A lot of people got really messed up on this drug. I was pretty used to driving while I was high and most of my crashes involved over indulgence of alcohol or taking downers.

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  1. I’ve heard from friends who did Acid and a few who did pure LSD…that it depends on your personality on how you will react. They always told me I would have a ball with my personality but I never did it.

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    1. It is not a real safe drug and I would never recommend it to anyone. Personality is important, but to me having someone with you that can make it fun for you is the most important part of tripping.


  2. Good story, Jim. Thanks for participating.

    The first time I was dropped acid was about an hour before a friend of mine and I were supposed to pick up his brother at the airport. I remember the two of us getting in my car to leave for the airport and we were talking and listening to the radio. It was only about a 30 minute drive to the airport but it seemed to be taking us a lot longer. And then it struck me that about 2-3 hours after we “left” for the airport we were actually still sitting in my parked car in my driveway. We discovered that when his brother pulled up to the house in a taxi. He was really pissed that we never made it to the airport to pick him up. Far out, man.

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    1. I have a similar story and I can totally see what you described happening. Mine happened at work where I was selecting parts to be put on a cart that would be taken to shipping. The ink in my magic marker was leaking and it became animated and I had it collect all the parts for me while I just sat on a bench. My buddy that dropped acid with me on the way to work came by and asked me how I was doing and I told him that my new buddy had done all of my work for me and after hearing that he told the boss that I was sick and we left work that night.


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