Computer Savvy

How technically savvy are you?

I know my way around computers although I am not an expert, but I do get by.  I taught myself and I got my first personal computer in 1990 with Microsoft Windows 3.0 installed on it.  The first versions of Windows (1.0 through to 3.11) were graphical shells that ran from the MS-DOS operating system, so I also learned DOS.  I started out with WordPerfect which I used to update my resume and write cover letters, but I soon moved to MS Word.  Next, I learned Excel and then I learned Access.  I also learned AutoCAD and MS Paint.  There is always something to learn and that is what makes computers fascinating.


Did you launch and set up your blog on your own or did you need help with it?

I wrote a couple of books and when I was trying to market them, I read that it was good to have a platform, so that is why I came to WordPress.  I had no idea that I would end up becoming a blogger at the time and I knew nothing about having a website.  I signed up for this thing called Bluehost because I thought it was necessary and it was expensive and I never used it.  I wrote a few posts before I met this blogger named Sight who told me what I was doing wrong and he helped me a lot.  He gave me his email address, but he never told me his actual name.  He told me that I was part of the JFSS family which included me J for Jim, F for Fandango, S for Sandy and S for Sight.  Sandy was the first to leave and Sight is gone now and that is what happens to families.


Do you feel that it is more important to have a flair for writing or have good computer skills to be a successful blogger?

I worked as a technical writer for years, producing technical documents that are basically boring to anyone other that the people that they were produced for, but through this experience, I learned how to do research, so I am a research writer.  Unless it is Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I look things up before I try to write about them.  I am not really interested in being a successful blogger, as I don’t plan on trying to make any money out of this.  I write for my own enjoyment, but blogging is great for developing writing skills and improving your vocabulary.  I have made 2,433 since I started my blog on April 23, 2017 and my stats say that I have 1,153 followers now, of which I only feel like I know very few of them.  On November 17, 2019 my posts received 453 views that day which is my best ever, mostly because of my Song Lyric Sunday post Done with the Verb Do got 249 views that day.  I try hard to make good posts for SLS, but nobody has ever commented on anything that I write for these posts, even though they do get a lot of likes.  Since success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, in blogging that means getting a reaction which relates to comments and I have since given up on success.

Written for Dr. Tanya of Salted Caramel Blogging Insights # 38: Technical Aspects of Blogging.

16 thoughts on “Computer Savvy

  1. I never comment on the first SLS post that you do, but I try to comment when you actually present your song. A lot of the time, not just your posts but in general, it is a case of having something worthwhile to say.

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    1. I did not want to come off as being critical, as I know that the only reason that people look at my first post, is so they know where to go with their pingbacks. I meant this in relation to success, as these posts get the most views, but I don’t consider them to be successful.

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      1. Yeah, I use it for two reasons – to get the url so my pingback appears, and to look at the theme for next week. Often that gives me a chance during some downtime in the week to think of a (hopefully) good song.

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  2. We all get way fewer comments than likes. I follow about 175 blogs and I try to read as many as I can each day. I just don’t have time to comment on every one. And since I do a lot of my post reading at night, I read other bloggers’ comments and often they’ve already posted what I might have said, so I just “like” the posts without duplicating someone else’s comment.

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    1. I just checked my stats and I am only following 119 bloggers and one of them is my own blog, which sounds kind of stupid. Yes I realize that people will hit the like button and not leave any comments, which I am OK with. It is the views that I was trying to make a point with. When I read someone’s blog and I feel that did a good job with their writing I will usually hit the like button. It is very rare for me to view a post and not like it in some manner, but today for example I got 4 views on old posts of mine, which seem to be very popular, Colder Than a Well Digger’s Ass, How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good and Sex Is A Three Letter Word and nobody ever hits the like button or makes comments on those posts.

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  3. I have enough of computers and servers lol. I look solely at views…since I made my index on my main page mine has almost doubled. I was off for a week because of my kidney stone and after that it jumped.
    Maybe I should take another week off!

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    1. I think that views are important, but there is no way to tell where they come from. Did someone go to your post by mistake and look at it for one second and then switch off or did they read the whole article that you wrote? Likes and comments are much more meaningful than Views, because in order to get to the like button or the comment box, they would have to scroll down to the bottom of your post. Very often I will have a blogger like 6 of my posts in the same minute and that is upsetting to me, as i know that they can’t read that fast and they only want their picture to appear on the bottom of my post. For all of these reasons, i write for my own enjoyment and basically ignore all the statistics.

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