Canned Laughter

I always hated those comedy shows that featured artificial audience laughter inserted into the show, as when it is time for me to laugh, I will and I don’t need to be reminded.  WTF, Major League Baseball shown of Fox now has fake fans, and they can make them boo and cheer, do the wave, and they dress them in team colors.  Has baseball lost its mind, as I don’t need virtual fans with fake fan audio piped in.  This is the weirdest season ever as teams are trying to find ways to remain engaged with fans during a pandemic-delayed season in which games won’t include spectators.  Seriously having fake cutouts of people in the stands is not doing anything for baseball and who let that dog in.  I guess it is pretty cool watching a foul ball knock off the cardboard heads in the stands.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Yves where the prompt is Lockdown.

25 thoughts on “Canned Laughter

  1. The fans can send in cardboard cutouts of themselves. If the ball hits “you” you get the ball…Today they found many Marlins have covid…I don’t think they will finish the season and I don’t see football starting…hell they are all over each other .

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  2. Yes, we have fake crowd noises added to the soccer when shown on TV over here. At least we have an option of turning that off…but then all you hear are the players moaning and screaming after a soft tackle or even to try and con the referee.
    I’m sticking with the crowd!

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