The Harder They Come

The bigger a person is, the harder they will fall.  The more important or powerful a person is, the more difficult it is for them when they lose their power or importance.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen and when the mighty are brought lower than the lowly, everybody will celebrate.  I can’t wait for Trump to be voted out of office.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

15 thoughts on “The Harder They Come

    1. Jerry played this song over 350 times with his various solo bands. The Jerry Garcia band also covered Sitting In Limbo. It is thought that the Grateful Dead song Row Jimmy was inspired by Jimmy Cliff.

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    1. Yes, I have read several of your posts indicating that. No matter who becomes our next president, our country will still be severely divided, and as they say, “Divided we fall.” Trump only got elected because he promoted Hillary Hating and he has been further dividing our country ever since he has been in office.

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  1. I would like to see that Jimmy Cliff movie of the same name. I love the song…they do it well. I may cover the Cliff version soon. I just read about the movie in a book about 1973.

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