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I have never responded to a Blogging Insights question before, but most of the other hosts seemed to have answered this question posed by Dr. Tanya which is: What is the value of running writing prompts to your writing in general, and your blog in particular?

I host two prompt challenges which are both music challenges.  I took over the very popular Song Lyric Sunday challenge which receiver 31 Likes and 51 Comments last Sunday.  This challenge was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time who fell ill at the end of 2019 and I volunteered to take over the hosting duties for her.  Helen provided me with a list of the Song Lyric Sunday themes that she had already used and she had been running this challenge since June 19, 2016.  What would this world be like without music?  I have been a huge fan of music for my entire life and I also participate in this challenge every week and many people are happy to see me keeping this challenge going.  This challenge draws in a lot of regulars and they have all become like an extended family for me, as I read every post that is submitted and I get to listen to a lot of music where I learn new things.  Next Sunday July 26, 2020 the theme will be Different/Same and everyone is invited to join in on the fun.  I will write about the Beatles song ‘Rain’ this week.

I took over the MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenge from Mandi of Mandibelle16 who was from Canada after responding to a Writers Wanted post and I made my first post for this challenge on April 19, 2019.  This is a bi-weekly challenge, so every other week I switch off with Dylan Hughes who hosts First Line Friday.  I became part of the MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie team, which consists of the Sunday Writing Prompt and Monday Wordle which are both hosted by Yves.  The Tuesday Photo Challenge is hosted by Nekneeraj.  Wednesday Heeding Haiku is hosted by Chèvrefeuille and Thursday Tale Weaver is hosted by Michael.  Dylan Hughes and I alternate every Friday with her First Line Friday and my MM Music Challenge.  The Saturday Mix is hosted by Sarah Whiley.

This week 7/24/20 I will write about the Sade song ‘Smooth Operator’ and then I will make my own post about the Blondie song ‘Call Me’.  Participation is open and free to all and although this challenge is not very popular, I think it is more fun, as it has very few restrictions.  Mandi used to number her music posts and I think that I will start doing that now.  My first post should have been labeled Week 51, but since I just decided to do this, my next one will be labeled Week 84.  I have found a lot of writers here on WordPress who really know a lot about music and I seem to learn something new every day here.

I feel that there is value in running writing prompts, as it gives the WordPress community something to share together.  It is fun to see how others respond to prompts and in general any type of writing is good mental exercise.  For my blog in particular, I have responded to many types of prompts and writing keeps me out of trouble and it prevents me from getting bored.  I write about music, because I find that to be satisfying.  When I chose a song, I look for significant facts that I feel will make an interesting story.

Written for Dr. Tanya of Salted Caramel Blogging Insights # 37: Hosting a Writing Prompt.

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  1. I have become ‘addicted’ to “Song Lyric Sunday” and I thank you most humbly for hosting it and coming up with such fun prompt ideas! That must prove trying sometimes, but you rise so well to the challenge. I’ll have to check out the other prompts you listed, because one can never have too many, can one? Thanks Jim! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Melanie and I agree with you about having choices of prompts to respond to. I wish that more people would participate in the MM Music Challenge, but I enjoy it anyway.


      1. I’ll have to remember to check it on Fridays (that’s the day it’s posted, isn’t it?). I’ve seen it around, but usually I’m entangled in something else. It does look appealing though! 🙂

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  2. Doesn’t escape my notice that you must commit to an awful lot of reading when you host the prompt. It never used to be obvious to me, but I’ve started to think in those terms. Hats off to you for being prepared to spend so much time on this.

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      1. It’s funny, isn’t it? You don’t necessarily realise it at the start, but embarking on any series of posts requires commitment to write regularly, embarking on any prompt requires reading. Whenever I respond to a prompt, I usually try to read other responses (actually I havent on MM music, I must fix that) because I figure that’s really part of the deal.

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  3. I’m so glad you kept SLS alive after you took it over from Helen. It’s one of my favorite prompts and I never miss it. I do still think your SLS badge isn’t too busy, though. Remember, less is more! 😉

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