A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick

My wife was invited to a United Way rewards dinner at a swanky restaurant and I went with her.  We ended up sitting at a table with a bunch of managers from her company who I didn’t know.  The waiter accidently stepped on this lady’s foot who was sitting next to me at our table.  She screamed and complained about how the waiter was so clumsy and honestly all of her complaining was ruining my dinner.  I said, “Better than getting stuck with a javelin” to lighten the mood, knowing that things can always be worse, but she just gave me a dirty look.  In hindsight, I probably should have kept quiet, but she continued making a really big deal out of this and most times I talk without thinking first.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick

    1. The guy stepped on her foot and she made it out like it was the end of the world. I hate going to dinner with strangers, as most people don’t understand my quirky sense of humor. She turned away from me and we didn’t talk after that. I enjoyed the food and then there were a bunch of boring presentations, because I didn’t know any of the people. I was happy to leave when it was over.


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