Linda Made Me Do It

Wanker is a more general term for a tosser and you have to love those British people and their very interesting sayings.  Wanker is not exclusively British, as in the American movie Weird Science Chet is described as being a wanker.  The word tosser can be used the same way as wanker and it is not somebody that tosses bean bags.  Innocence is bliss and I felt a lot better when all I knew about a salad being tossed dealt with the beginning course of a meal and it had nothing to do with deviant behavior among male prisoners.

I hear that all of the pubs opened back up in Great Brittan today and everybody seems to be happy about that and I can’t blame them, as their weather isn’t so great and the food is even worse, that is unless you like fish and chips.  Trump said that corona would be over by April, magically disappearing when the weather got warmer, but I guess we can toss those words of wisdom in the trash.  I tossed all of my scratch off tickets away again after not getting any good numbers.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word “toss” anyway you like.

18 thoughts on “Linda Made Me Do It

  1. Ah, not everyone is happy about the pubs opening Jim, or the other entertainments and etablishments. The residents here are angry at the thought of outsiders invading the town and bringing god knows what with them.
    On a happier note, I remember this film, it was really funny, and if I remember correctly, Chet is turned into a turd!

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    1. I know that you enjoy your pubs and you have the right to be safe in them. I hope that everyone maintains proper social distancing, but alcohol usually makes people forget the rules. Yes Chet was a mean brother and he did become a turd.


      1. It’s certainly going to be an interesting exercise. Apart from darts (and Hubby playing pool) we’ve never really been pub goers, though it’s nothing to do with being teetotal as we’d often go into a good pub for a decent meal at a fair price. Gone are the days when you have a tatty dart board, pool table and battered joanna in the corner. I made a few bob playing one of those!

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      2. I have no idea what a battered joanna is, but it sounds like fun if you can male money on them. I used to play darts all the time in the 70s and it was fun going out to the tavern to play pool, but I never got a decent meal there, as it was mostly burgers and fries.


      3. A battered joanna is a piano. Most pubs had one, badly out of tune and a lot of notes didn’t work, but in the majority of cases, I got a tune out of it.
        I made five bob at Bro’s wedding in 1965 by playing The Carnival is Over, played for a fiver (plus lemonades) once a week at a pub in the village where I lived in the 80s and made £30 when they passed the hat at a pub in my home town which has since been demolished and a supermarket built in its place.
        Most good pubs have restaurants attached now, some you can eat in the bar so that you can take your dog in. Maggie curled up in the corner under our chair and no-one )other than the staff) knew she was there until we got up to leave.

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      4. That is so cool that you can play the piano. I went to some pubs when I was in Scotland, as I spent seven weeks there working, but I only spent one week in London. I would love to go back some time as there is a lot of things that I still want to do there.

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      5. I did play a piano in Scotland, couldn’t tell you where exactly, but we were on holiday (Mum, Dad and me) and went into a pub that had one. We had a good sing song. I was about 13 so could only have lemonade anyway!

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  2. Chet was an ass. I’m not getting out unless it is a grocery store or somewhere that is a must…I hate that…but hopefully by next year it will be closer to normal.

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      1. I would hope by next spring we are close to normal again…yea with the World economy in the balance…they will come up with one…

        I need to see it again. It’s been since the 80s.

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      2. Yes, I see that many sites rank ‘Casey Jones’ as the most beloved Grateful Dead song and I actually like ‘US Blues’ better. For some reason it never makes these lists of the group’s best songs where ‘Bertha’, ‘Sugaree’, ‘Touch Of Grey’, ‘Ramble On Rose’ and ‘Scarlet Begonias’ always seem to get on and it is a much better party song. Although it does not rank as high as their classics from Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty like ‘Sugar Magnolia’, ‘Ripple’, ‘Uncle John’s Band’, ‘Friend of the Devil’, or ‘Truckin’’ with me.

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      3. You are right…it’s as accessible as anything they ever did. It is very radio friendly…and good.
        Sugaree is a song that is probably…the first song as a kid I remember by Garcia. I heard it skating at the rink.

        I like Box of Rain also.

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