Atlantis Sinks

52,000 years ago, Thoth left his city of Keor, on the island of Undal, in the lost continent of Atlantis to go on a three-hour cruise with his daughter Seshat the librarian who had just finished recording all of the sacred spells on a scroll.  Thoth christened his new boat the Mystic Moonlight and he opened a bottle of wine to celebrate Seshat finishing her project of recording the spells that would unlock the necessary knowledge which would allow them to exist on transcendental planes.  They finished the wine and Seshat started crying about her boyfriend leaving her for another woman.  Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned and Seshat cast a wave curse upon the village where her boyfriend and his new lover were living.

Waves came rushing in, one after another and the village was completely destroyed.  Thoth tried to talk some sense into his daughter, telling her that she had done enough damage and it was time for her to end the curse.  Seshat said that she was not doing this, as she only called for three waves to hit the village, and this was only meant to scare them, not wipe the village off the map.  The weather started getting rough and the tiny ship was tossed.  A sea-floor earthquake erupted, as tremors shook the foundations of the continent and a battalion of fire descended from the sky, which was so intense that the Utopian kingdom of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea and it sank deep into the ocean, never to be found again.

They looked back at Atlantis in disbelief and Thoth told Seshat that if they sailed through the pillars of Hercules that they might end up in Greece or Egypt.  Thoth thought that Egypt might be better, as Atlantis had waged a war on Greece years ago, but they were repelled when the Athenians led a resistance against them and Thoth felt that they might still harbor ill feeling for them as a result of this conflict.  They sailed East for weeks catching fish to eat and saving rain water to satisfy their thirst.

One day an ibis landed on the deck of the ship and Thoth killed it and they ate the bird, happy that they didn’t have to eat fish that day.  Thoth said that the ibis was a sign of good luck and it would become their sacred bird, so he left what remained of its carcass tied to the bow.  Without dark, there were no stars to guide the Mystic Moonlight, but when the Sun went down celestial bodies guided them on their way.  Thoth and Seshat made it to Egypt and they sailed up the Nile where they were both worshipped as gods, because of their advanced knowledge.

Written for Devereaux Frazier Tuesday and Beth Amanda’s Go Dog Go Café Midwest Fantasy Tuesday Writing Prompt – where we are supposed to write something around the words “mystic moonlight”.

11 thoughts on “Atlantis Sinks

  1. What a great adventure this was. Did they eat the ibis or not? One part said they did because they didn’t want fish again, but later you said Thoth hung the carcass on the ship.

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