Save the Bales

The Save the Whales movement, occurred right around the time when bales of marijuana started washing up on shore in the Florida Keys.  The floating “square grouper” packages of marijuana bobbed up and down in the ocean off Key West dumped by smugglers, if they were under pursuit by authorities, or if they got paranoid and just thought the man was chasing them.  They actually still turn up from time to time offshore down here, as some things never change!

We have had some stormy weather here in Florida lately, although I have been staying inside not willing to brave the elements.  My power went out yesterday, only for a few minutes, but I had to reset all of the clocks and wait for the TV to come back on.  My computer was really slow today, but when I restarted it, it came back to its normal speed, thank God.  I got all of my shopping done for this week, so I won’t need to go out and have to face any unfavorable conditions for a while.  The summer here in Florida can become ungodly hot as it has been well up into the nighties all week, so I will be staying inside in the air conditioning, instead trying to brave these poor weather conditions.

Bales I save
Storms I brave
Sitting in my cave
Riding a wave
Two hoots I gave
While digging my grave

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Rhyme Time hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she asks us to use the following rhyming words, save, brave, cave, wave, gave and grave.

16 thoughts on “Save the Bales

    1. Nighties must be an Australian saying unless you are talking about the new outfit that you got from Victoria’s Secret. My research just revealed that it alludes to the quickness with which a bride’s nightdress comes off on the wedding night. Great saying.

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      1. I’m using your words:
        The summer here in Florida can become ungodly hot as it has been well up into the nighties all week.

        And the picture clicked! Tall men in long white nighties, running along the beach on hot, dark evenings …

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