The Breakup Song

They broke the mold when they made those old love songs and they don’t write them like that anymore. They were absolutely unique and nothing written today is comparable. What happened to all of those talented song writers in the Brill Building? In the early days of the record industry, when music was released on black vinyl records, songwriting was very much a job in the more traditional 9-to-5 sense, where they all punched a clock. These legendary songwriters created iconic songs that made pop and rhythm and blues, which had the power to get stuck in your head and they were written by the artists who were able to perform them.

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In 1981, the Greg Kihn Band which was started by frontman Greg Kihn and bassist Steve Wright had a huge pop hit with ‘The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write Em)’ which reached #15 on the charts and was released on their album Rockihnroll.  The song was written by Greg Kihn and Steve Wright and the Greg Kihn Band, consisted of Kihn, Wright, Robbie Dunbar playing guitar and Larry Lynch on drums.  Dunbar was replaced by Dave Carpender and the group became a quintet in 1981 when they added keyboardist Gary Phillips.  At one time this band was huge, they were on the edge of breaking into the big time, having had a #1 Dance record with their song ‘Jeopardy’ which also went to #2 on the pop charts and they opened for the Rolling Stones, toured with Journey, and played a lot of Grateful Dead gigs, but after 1985, there were no more Top 10 entries from them.

Greg wrote…

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